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Professionals (Hearing Impairment, including Deafness)

The Colorado Department of Education provides leadership to school districts and BOCES through the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Specialist.  The consultative role includes specific guidance in the areas of Educational Audiology, Educational Interpreting, and teaching students who are Deaf and Hard of Hearing.

Listservs for Colorado Providers

Pertinent information related to practitioners and parents in the field of deafness is frequently disseminated through the DHH/CDE listservs. The following listservs are available to interested parties.

  • Educational Audiologists
  • Educational Interpreters
  • Teachers of the Deaf/Hard of Hearing
    Information pertinent to Teachers of the Deaf (TODs), Speech Language Pathologists (SLPs), Itinerants, Program Administrators, and other individuals in the field of deafness will be placed in this listserv. 

To join a listserv, Email Shauna Moden, Deaf Education Specialist, indicating the appropriate listserv.


Deaf and Hard of Hearing Statewide Collaboration Information

CO Deaf/HH Collaboration Website 


Colorado Deaf and Hard of Hearing Mentor Program

The Colorado Deaf and Hard of Hearing Mentor Program was established to support educational teams working with students with all degrees of hearing loss, regardless of communication mode. Mentoring activities are tailored to specific needs of district staff. Mentors specialize in deafness and have an additional area of expertise.  For more information, and to request a mentor, please email Shauna Moden



Colorado DHH Job Board

  • Educational Audiology
  • Educational Interpreting
  • Teacher for the Deaf/HH
  • Other (Signing Paraprofessional, ASL Specialist)

Job Posting Request:  As a service to AUs, CDE will post job vacancy notices to the Deaf Education listservs and the Colorado DHH Job Board.  Please note that CDE may be unaware of all Educational Interpreter openings, please inquire with individual districts to check for job opportunities.

DHH Jobs

A job board for DHH Teachers


Upload a resume free of charge and post job openings for a fee.  Employers need to create an account and once your job opening is posted, you have access to view resumes for one year.  Resumes can be searched by only those who have submitted jobs.

Educational Audiology Association

Career Center. Job openings can be submitted for a fee for a three month period.


Professional Information

Teachers of the Deaf

Teachers of the Deaf Webpage

  • Licensing and Employment
  • Preparation Programs

Educational Audiologists

Educational Audiology Services Webpage

  • Licensing Requirements
  • Training Programs
  • Guidelines and Support Documents

Educational Interpreters

Educational Interpreter Services Webpage

  • Qualifications
  • Training Programs
  • Assessments
  • Educational Interpreter Handbook
  • Resources


For more information, please contact:

Shauna Moden, Deaf Education Specialist
Phone: 720-413-0179
Email Shauna Moden



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