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Teaching about the Holocaust and Genocide

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On July 8, 2020, Governor Polis signed into law HB20-1336 (PDF) which established the Holocaust and Genocide Studies Committee. In addition, this legislation included elements focusing on the teaching of the Holocaust and Genocide topics in Colorado. Directed by this legislation, the “Colorado Department of Education is responsible for creating and maintaining a publicly available resource bank of materials pertaining to the Holocaust and Genocide…

Thus, the Holocaust and Genocide Studies Committee was responsible for the review and vetting of materials included in this resource bank and worked diligently to provide materials at a variety of levels of learning which provides a means for scaffolding during instruction. In addition, the committee made every effort to ensure that this collection contains the highest quality and most up-to-date resources for both teaching and learning about the Holocaust and other Genocides.

The committee recognizes that the collection is not comprehensive, but this carefully curated collection provides a wealth of resources from local, state, national and international organizations that provide updated research, teaching materials, literature, and other resources on Holocaust and genocide topics for teaching and learning in the classroom and community setting.

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