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Computer Science Education Grant Program

The window for the Computer Science Education Grant for the 2023-2024 fiscal year will open in mid-October with applications anticipated to be due in mid-November.  This competitive grant will be hosted in CDE's new grant management software called GAINS.  Please continue to check this website for updates.  

Computer Science Education Grant History 

Enacted in 2017, the Computer Science Teacher Education Grant Program, provided $440,000 in professional development grants for teachers in the first year. The legislature allocated an additional $500,000 in 2018 specifically for the elementary school level, where students begin to acquire the thinking and problem-solving skills that make them successful in school and, ultimately, in life. These grants are distributed to districts, BOCES, and charter schools for professional development in computer science for K-12 teachers.

Enacted in 2019 by House Bill 19-1277, the Computer Science Education Grant will provide $250,000 of funding with the purpose of increasing enrollment and participation of traditionally underrepresented students in computer science education activities. Competitive grant awards will be distributed to LEPs, including school districts, BOCES, and district charter schools or Institute Charter Schools. Funding for this grant program will be awarded in the 2022-23 fiscal year.

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Computer Science Standards

During the 2016 legislative session, the Colorado General Assembly passed House Bill 16-1198 requiring CDE to develop voluntary academic standards for computer science for secondary students. The Colorado State Board of Education approved the standards on 4/11/18. 

Colorado Academic Standards for Computer Science Are Currently in Review and Revision. 

Colorado House Bill 20-1032 (section 22-7-1005(6) C.R.S.) amended the provision that required the regular review and revision of the Colorado Academic Standards. The statute previously required the revisions to occur within six years of the prior cycle which occurred in 2018. The changes now require the state board to review and revise approximately one-third of the standards beginning in 2022 and an additional one-third every two years thereafter. These review and revision cycles are not intended to re-write the standards, but to update them to be most current with national and international benchmarks.

It is understood that the 2020-21 school year is the first year of implementation of the standards that were revised in 2018. One-third of the standards that were adopted in 2018 began the review and revision cycle in the spring of 2021 and concluded in the fall of 2022.

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Computer Science Resource Bank

The online Computer Science Resource Bank was created through a collaboration with educators and industry experts. Authorized by the legislature in 2017, the online resource bank includes a wide variety of ideas for teachers, including sample curricula and materials – even information about scholarships for students.

This FREE resource has a search feature that allows you to search by resource type, topic area and grade level. Additional resources include computer science organizations and associations as well as partners. 

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