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There are many ways to get involved as a mathematics educator in Colorado, including a listserv, several organizations for teachers and supervisors of mathematics, and events you can attend.

Mathematics Education Podcasts

Are you a podcast listener? Or wanted to become one? Keep up with your professional learning by mixing one or more of these podcasts into your playlist. The following are just some of the podcasts active in mid-2021 that focus on teaching, research, and other issues in mathematics education.

Math Ed Podcast

Samuel Otten of the University of Missouri has hosted more than 100 episodes of the Math Ed Podcast since 2012.

Learning With Leaders

NCSM, the national mathematics leadership organization, hosts a monthly podcast featuring conversations with emerging and established math education leaders.

Teaching Math Teaching Podcast

The Teaching Math Teaching Podcast is a podcast by the Association for Mathematics Teacher Educators hosted by Joel Amidon, Dusty Jones, and Eva Thanheiser.

Mathematics Teacher Educator Podcast

The Mathematics Teacher Educator Podcast is co-sponsored by the Association for Mathematics Teacher Educators and the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics and accompanies the Mathematics Teacher Educator Journal.

TODOS Podcast

TODOS, the mathematics organization primarily focused on issues of equity, has hosted the TODOS Podcast since 2019.

Amidon Planet Podcast

Joel Amidon of the University of Mississippi has been hosting this podcast since 2019, which features a variety of topics and interviews with researchers, teachers, and leaders in (and sometimes outside) mathematics education.

Build Math Minds

Christina Tondevold hosts this weekly podcast from the perspective of a "recovering traditionalist."

Kids Math Talk

This podcast from Desiree Harrison aims to give parents and educators practical tips and insights that deepen mathematical understanding while keeping a positive approach to learning math.

Learning Through Math

Hosts Laura Tomas and Karina Cousins, a math coach and a fifth grade teacher in Palm Beach County, Florida, have hosted Learning Through Math since 2020 and publish episodes about math teaching topics almost every week.

Making Math Moments that Matter

Kyle Pearce and Jon Orr discuss ways to build better mathematics classrooms that kids want to be part of. Together, they've been hosting the podcast since 2018.

Math Before Breakfast

Math Before Breakfast is hosted by Tracy Profitt, an instructional coach, and Ruth Erquiaga, a 6th grade math teacher. They've been publishing episodes about every other week since 2018.

Math is Figure-Out-Able

Pam Harris and her co-host Kim Montague try to answer the question "If not algorithms, then what?" in this weekly podcast.

Mr Barton Maths Podcast

Craig Barton gives a UK-based perspective on mathematics education in this weekly podcast he's hosted since 2015.

Room to Grow - A Math Podcast

Joanie Funderburk and Curtis Brown publish this new podcast every other week and discuss trending topics in math education.