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Colorado's District Sample Curriculum Project - Feedback

Colorado's District Sample Curriculum Project occured in response to requests from Colorado school districts and teachers.  Feedback regarding the processes and products of the project is very important for continuous improvement of field support. Please take the time to contact the Standards and Instructional Support team regarding your experiences with the project or your experiences using the teacher-authored resources available here.

Please share your thoughts regarding the instructional unit samples and advocate for other resources through this short survey.

Here are a few highlights from project participants. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Participant Feedback

As we progress through the phases of the Project, we are also collecting feedback from the curriculum authors and educators across the state. Here’s a sample of what people are saying…

About the Project and the Colorado Academic Standards…

  • My perceptions of the standards are completely different after the curriculum project.
  • Through my participation in the workshops for Colorado's District Sample Curriculum Project I gained a much deeper level of familiarity with both my grade level standards and the larger conceptual themes that run through the standards.
  • The standards promote good teaching. I'm excited to have more in depth in my curriculum.

About the Project and standards implementation... 

  • This work helped me to see how the standards could be interwoven to strengthen the developed units so that the units become tighter and more cohesive instead of just a batch of standards thrown together with some similarities.  Making these connections for teachers and students is very important. This work reinforced the idea that standards are not just a list of concepts or skills to be checked off as they are taught.
  • I think many of my colleagues see the new standards in groups that work independent of each other rather than overlapping and interconnected standards. This was helpful to show others how the standards can be linked together in an instructional unit.

About the Project and working with fellow Colorado educators...

  • I got to work with wonderful colleagues, people who love teaching like I do. Being a teacher is lonely sometimes, especially at a small school, and I was put with these two ladies who are, like, curriculum geniuses. It was one of the most intellectually challenging and engaging experiences I have had since the beginning of my career.
  • I am so thankful for this opportunity. It was so nice to connect with other teachers to create meaningful work and to feel that teachers’ voices do matter.