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Using Alternate Evaluators

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Promising practices of flexibilities, efficiencies, and differentiation when using alternate evaluators

Did You Know?

Alternate evaluators, or evaluator designees, can be used for professional development and quality feedback, including using peers as designees. Legislation requires that evaluator designees must be certified by a State Approved Evaluator Training Provider, but does not limit who may be a designee. 

Ideas of Using Alternate Evaluators

Example using evaluator designees

Many districts throughout the state are utilizing designees who have been trained by State Approved Evaluator Training Providers. These designees are able to conduct all activities related to the evaluation cycle; including conducting observations, providing feedback, conducting mid-year and end-of-year reviews and approving measures of student learning specific to the educators they are supporting. These districts are finding that the support of evaluator designees reduces the workload of principals in the area of educator evaluation. This role also creates opportunities for teacher leaders.

Example using evaluator designees for highly effective teachers

One district wanted to differentiate evaluations for its highly effective teachers. Teachers rated as highly effective in the prior year had the option to be evaluated by a peer that completed an evaluator designee training. This gives principals time to support teachers needing more targeted feedback.

Example using a lead special services provider (SSP) as an evaluator designees

One BOCES designates an SSP supervisor for each group of SSPs it hires. These supervisors complete an evaluator designee training so they can evaluate their role-specific SSPs. This allows SSP supervisors to provide more role-specific feedback.

Example using retired educators as evaluator designees

One district hires retired teachers with specific expertise as evaluators. This group goes through an evaluator designee training so they can provide feedback to their educators. This can provide educators with more content-specific feedback and allows principals and supervisors more time to support educators needing targeted feedback.

Colorado Stories Using Evaluator Designees

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