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Evaluating Unique Roles

Local Flexibility for Educator Evaluations. Educators Matter.

Promising practices of flexibilities, efficiencies, and differentiation when evaluating unique roles

Did You Know?

SB 10-191 requires that all licensed personnel receive an evaluation each year. However, the State Model Evaluation System only provides rubrics for eleven types of educators. Districts have the opportunity to create local rubrics that may be a better reflection of the job responsibilities and duties for their licensed personnel in unique roles such as instructional coaches, teachers on special assignments (TOSAs), and deans.

Ideas for Evaluating Unique Roles

Example of creating additional rubrics

A district that employs a large number of instructional coaches, TOSAs, and deans created individual rubrics for each of these types of educators. To make things easier for its principals, the district contracted directly with RANDA to add these three new rubrics to the Colorado Performance Management System so evaluators could complete all the educator evaluations in one spot rather than have them used outside the system. The district highly values this practice as it allows it to also use the reporting features of the system to determine calibration amongst its evaluators and to ensure these evaluations are completed in a timely manner. 

Colorado Stories of Evaluating Unique Roles

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