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Colorado State Model Performance Management System (RANDA)

The annual rollover and system updates in COPMS/RANDA will take place July 15th - July 31st. During this time the system will not interface with IdM and no changes (removal/addition) to staff rosters should be made during this time.

The Colorado State Model Performance Management System (COPMS) in RANDA is an optional tool to support districts in the implementation, data collection and effective use of the Colorado State Model Evaluation System. The Colorado State Model Performance Management System was available to use beginning with the 2014-2015 school year.

COPMS includes an electronic interface and data collection tools for the state model evaluation rubrics, measures of student learning/outcomes, final effectiveness ratings, and aggregate reports to support principals and district leaders in providing useful and actionable feedback and possible professional development opportunities for educators. For more information, please download our fact sheet (PDF) or contact

Note: Districts do not have to use this online system to use the State Model Evaluation System.  The use of COPMS in RANDA is completely optional as a support to district/BOCES in the implementation  of educator evaluations.


Technical Requirements

The Colorado State Model Performance Management System is accessible via the internet and does not require individual servers. To run the system at an optimal level, the following technical requirements are recommended:

  • Compatible web browsers
    • Google Chrome (automatic updates enabled)
    • Firefox (automatic updates enabled)
    • Safari 5.1 or higher
    • Internet Explorer 11 or higher

  • Minimum download speed of 1 Mbps
  • Recommended download speed of 3Mbps or higher