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Professional Growth Plan

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Promising practices of flexbilities, efficiences, and differentiation of professional growth plans

Did You Know?

The professional growth goals may be tentatively created in the year prior to the current year and then adjusted throughout the year in which they are being evaluated. Remember, the professional growth plan is not meant to be created in the fall and not be revisited until the spring. It is a living document throughout the year.

Ideas Using Professional Growth Plans

Example of using the professional growth plan for continuous reflection and growth

One district asks educators to create at least one goal for the next year as they complete an evaluation cycle. This individual goal is revisited the next fall as the educator completes his/her self-assessment for the new year and then the educator and evaluator determine whether the goal is still appropriate and rigorous. They might even consider additional goals. Later in the year, they further reflect on these goals at the mid-year review in the event new information impacts the educator's ability to achieve the goal and whether new goals need to be set as the year continues.

Colorado Stories Using Professional Growth Plans

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