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Sharing the Self-Assessment

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Promising Practices of Flexibilities, Efficiencies, and Differentiation for Sharing the Self-Assessment

Did You Know?

Educators often share their self-assessment with their evaluator sparking conversations that develop a deeper understanding of quality instructional practices and better calibration of instructional expectations between the educator and their evaluator. This sharing can expedite the goal-setting process and potentially the mid-year review.

Ideas for Sharing the Self-Assessment

Example of sharing the self-assessment with evaluators 

One school district requests that each educator share their self-assessment with their evaluator. In doing so, the evaluator can better see which areas in which to focus their educator's goals and use the discrepancy model when conducting their mid-year review. This allows the evaluator to spend more time discussing areas where there is still no alignment with the educator rather than going over each professional practice individually. 

Colorado Stories for Sharing the Self-Assessment

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