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Instructional Accommodations for a Student with a Disability

2015-2016 Colorado Instructional Accommodations Manual: A Guide to the Selection and Implementation of Accommodations for Students with Disability

The Colorado Instructional Accommodations Manual provides guidance for IEP Teams and educators, presents a Five-Step Process for the selection and implementation of instructional accommodations. It offers tools and suggestions for using technology for students with a disability to best access instructional context.

Orange Arrow Pointing Right PLEASE NOTE: Accommodations manual is in the process of being updated. The general content is still relevant. The manual will be updated to ensure that newer technologies may be added to exampled accommodations. 

Updated Version Coming Soon

Part 1: Instructional Accommodations

Accessing Statewide Assessments

Assessment Accommodations Manuals

Instructional Shifts and Instructional Implications for Students with a Disability

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