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School Counselor Corps Grant Program

Request for School Counselor Corps Grant Supplemental Funds (cohorts 9-11):

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If you have questions or need support with the supplemental opportunities, please contact Brooke or Jennicca.

Impact on Secondary Schools

Over the nine-year history of the School Counselor Corps Grant Program, 365 secondary schools in 98 of 178 districts have participated, representing all regions throughout Colorado.  More than 270 licensed school counselors have served Colorado students, schools, districts and BOCES through the grant.

For more information on the School Counselor Corps Grant Program, please download the 2018 milestones. (PDF) 

What's New?

Webinar 3: Time to Connect
Dec. 14 @ 8am

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Webinar 2: Environmental Scan - Nov. 9

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Annual Reports

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School Counselor Corp Grant Program Map 2009-2020

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