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District ICAP Process - DPS

District ICAP Process - DPS

ICAP curricula for grades 6-12 is managed by and housed on the Counseling Department website.  Each grade is divided into four lessons that include lesson plans for Career, College, Goals, Academics, and/or Graduation. 

The website also provides access to elementary, middle, and high school curricula.

"ICAP lessons are the basic foundation for students in learning and planning their career passions and opportunities and are now a part of graduation requirements. For students to truly graduate career and college ready students must have a set plan that includes career exploration and exposure, knowledge of opportunities and self, and a concrete plan for life after high school!" 

Denver Public Schools ICAP
Type of Practice: 
  • Curriculum and Scope and Sequence
  • District / School ICAP Process
  • Lesson Plans
  • Category: 
  • Individual Development
  • Career Development
  • Academic Development
  • PWRful Demonstration of Learning
  • Personal Financial Literacy
  • Type of Organization: 
  • District and/or School
  • District Size: 
  • Urban
  • Region: 
  • Metro Area
  • Developmental Level: 
  • Elementary School
  • Middle School
  • High School
  • District: 
    Denver Public Schools