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Consolidated State Performance Reports

Consolidated State Performance Reports

Report Sent to the U.S. Department of Education

Every year the Colorado Department of Education must report to the US Department of Education on outcome measures concerning various programs under No Child Left Behind, as a condition for funding. The Consolidated State Performance Reports (CSPR) include information about the following programs: Title IA, Title IB, Title IC, Title ID, Title IIA, Title III, Title IV, Title V, and Title VIB. Below you will find the reports submitted to the US Department of Education for the past years.


Reporting on 2020-2021

Reporting on 2019-2020

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Reporting on 2018-2019

Reporting on 2017-2018

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Reporting on 2016-2017

Reporting on 2015-2016

Reporting on 2014-2015

Reporting on 2013-2014

Reporting on 2012-2013

Reporting on 2011-2012

Reporting on 2010-2011

Reporting on 2009-2010

Reporting on 2008-2009

Reporting on 2007-2008

Reporting on 2006-2007

Reporting on 2005-2006



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