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Unified Improvement Planning


Colorado schools and districts can improve student learning and system effectiveness by engaging in a cycle of continuous improvement to manage their performance. To support this purpose, the Education Accountability Act of 2009 requires each Colorado district and school to create an annual improvement plan.

The Colorado Department of Education has developed a unified improvement planning template and processes to support schools and districts in their performance management efforts. The UIP template has been designed to meet state, federal, and program accountability requirements.

Gather and Organize Data - Accessing DataReview Current Performance - Trends and Performance ChallengesDescribe Significant Trends - Trends and Performance ChallengesPrioritize Performance Challenges - Trends and Performance ChallengesIdentify Root Causes - Root CauseSet Performance Targets - Target SettingIdentify Major Improvement Strategies - Action PlanningIdentify Interim Measures - Action PlanningIdentify Implementation Benchmarks - Action PlanningUnified Improvement Planning Process Map


  • New Fact Sheets and Guidance
    Documents are available on the General Resources page, including information about the upcoming online UIP tool, the Rural Flex Bill (HB 14-1204) and Guidance on the UIP Process during the State Assessment Transition.
  • Information on the TLCC Survey
    Initiated through HB08-1384, the Teaching and Learning Conditions in Colorado (TLCC)  Survey is a statewide survey of school-based staff (teachers and building leadership) on their perceptions of the teaching and learning conditions in their schools. Learn more at: TLCC Colorado.

  • View UIP Plans
    The most recently submitted Unified Improvement Plans are posted for public viewing on SchoolView.
  • DPF and SPF Framework Information
    District and School Performance Framework information can be found on the District and School Performance Frameworks page within the Accountability, Performance and Support site.


The UIP process map in the upper right-hand corner contains interactive links to resources available to support each step of the unified improvement planning process. By clicking on a step in the map, you will be directed to the support page for that step in the process. You may also use the links on the left-hand navigation bar to access these resources. Click on either "Unified Improvement Planning" at the top at the process map, or "Unified Improvement Planning" on the left-hand navigation to return to the UIP homepage.

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