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2019-20 READ Act Rules Changes

Important Announcement: READ Act Rules Being Revised

The department is initiating a rulemaking process for Rules for the Administration of the Colorado Reading to Ensure Academic Development Act (READ Act), 1 CCR 301-92, due to substantial changes in the READ Act that occurred in the 2018 and 2019 legislative sessions.  The notice of rulemaking will occur at the November State Board of Education meeting.

Once the rules are noticed, the formal public comment process begins providing stakeholders with an additional opportunity for feedback.  Rulemaking hearings are anticipated at the January and February State Board of Education meetings.

The rule changes are substantial in nature and related to:

  •        Administration of interim and diagnostic reading assessments and determination of a significant reading deficiency (section 3.00)
  •        Actions to be taken upon the determination of a significant reading deficiency (section 4.00)
  •        Minimum reading competency skill levels (section 5.00)
  •        Notice of the process for possible inclusion in approved assessment lists (section 8.00)
  •        Approved interim reading assessments (section 9.00)
  •        Notice of the process for possible inclusion on advisory lists of instructional programming and supporting technologies and rigorous professional development programs (section 10.00)
  •        The appeals process for local education providers, and publishers of assessments, instructional programs and supporting technologies, or rigorous professional development programs (section 11.00)
  •        District reporting requirements, including rules for newly passed K – 3 teacher training requirements (section 13.00)

A copy of the draft rules and a crosswalk of rules to statute will be posted here once rulemaking is noticed.

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