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State and Federal Grants Allocations

The table below contains links to allocations for the current and prior two fiscal years. The hyperlinks under the columns for the Fiscal Year will take you either to the allocation table for that specific program or to another web page on the CDE web site that will contain the allocation table.


Allocations by Program Name




                                     FY20                                                     FY19



  ESSA FY19-20 Preliminary Allocations (PDF) 3/28/2019

ESSA Revised Final Allocation FY18-19 (PDF) 01/09/2019            

ESSA Revised Final Allocations FY17-18 (PDF) 05/18/2018



Non-Public Schools Count FY18-19 (PDF) 05/08/2018



  Delinquent LEA FY19-20 Preliminary Allocations (PDF) 3/28/2019

Delinquent (LEA) - FY18-19 Revised Final Allocations (PDF) 01/09/2019

Delinquent (SEA) - FY18-19 Revised Final Allocations (PDF)  01/09/2019

Delinquent (LEA) - FY17-18 Revised Final Allocations (PDF)  05/18/2018

Delinquent (SEA) - FY17-18 Allocations (PDF) 12/14/2017


  Neglected FY19-20 Preliminary Allocations (PDF) 4/10/2019

Neglected - FY18-19 Revised Final Allocations (PDF) 04/10/2019

Neglected - FY2017-18 Revised Final Allocations (PDF)  05/18/2018



Title I-C Migrant- FY2017-18 Preliminary (PDF) 08/02/17



IDEA: Part B - FY2018-19 Allocations (PDF) 06/05/2018

IDEA: Part B - FY2017-18 Final (XLS) 07/23/2018

IDEA: Part B - FY2017-18 Final (PDF) 07/23/2018



IDEA: Preschool - FY2018-19 Allocations (PDF) 06/05/2018

IDEA: Preschool - FY2017-18 Final (XLS) 07/23/2018

IDEA: Preschool - FY2017-18 Final (PDF) 07/23/2018




ECEA - Special Education - FY2018-19 Preliminary(PDF) 11/12/2018

ECEA - Child Find - FY2018-19 Final (PDF) 01/23/2019

ECEA - Gifted and Talented - FY2018-19 Final (PDF) 6/21/2018

ECEA - Special Education - FY2017-18 Final (PDF)  10/9/2018

ECEA - Child Find - FY2017-18 Final (PDF) 6/21/2018

ECEA - Gifted and Talented - FY2017-18 Final (PDF) 04/12/2018




ELPA - FY2018-19 (PDF) 11/15/2018

ELPA - FY2017-18 (PDF) 08/23/17




BOCES - FY2018-19 (PDF) 06/21/2018

BOCES - FY2017-18 (PDF) 07/24/17


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