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CDE-approved Undergraduate or Graduate Reading Course


13.01(C)(2)(b): Passed a CDE-approved undergraduate or graduate reading course and passed the end of course assessment of learning


Educators will submit evidence of meeting the evidence-based training in teaching reading requirement to the CDE through the Colorado Online Licensing (COOL) system. 

Important Dates for Teachers

August 1, 2022: evidence-based training in teaching reading must be completed

August 15, 2022: documentation must be submitted to the Colorado Online Licensing (COOL) system


All teachers who teach in kindergarten through grade three, must complete the training by August 1, 2022, to meet the deadline. In subsequent years, teachers hired after June 1, 2022, must enroll in the READ Act teacher training as soon as they receive their district email address. Teachers are expected to complete the training without delays so as to not impact the distribution of READ Act per-pupil dollars to the local education agency.

District Duties/Tasks

  • District maintains a record of which teachers have met this requirement. 

  • District reports this information to the CDE upon request.

​Teacher Duties/Tasks

Please note: teachers must retain all documentation.