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Holds a State of Colorado Endorsement as a Reading Teacher or Reading Specialist


13.01(C)(2)(d): Holds a state of Colorado endorsement as a Reading Teacher or Reading Specialist


The Educator Talent Unit at CDE will review all existing Reading Teacher and Reading Specialist endorsement for Colorado teachers and add a “READ Act Designation” to those teachers’ licenses.

Important Dates for Teachers

August 1, 2022: evidence-based training in teaching reading must be completed

August 15, 2022: documentation must be submitted to the Colorado Online Licensing (COOL) system

Information on deadlines for new teachers based on hire date will be coming soon.

District Duties/Tasks

  • District maintains a record of which teachers have met this requirement. 

  • District reports this information to the CDE upon request.

Teacher Duties/Tasks

Please note: teachers must retain all documentation.

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