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Approved Supplemental Programs

Supplemental Instruction is instruction that goes beyond that provided by the comprehensive core program because the core program does not provide enough instruction or practice in a key area to meet the needs of the students in a particular classroom or school. For example, teachers in a school may observe that their comprehensive core program does not provide enough instruction in vocabulary, or in phonics, to adequately meet the needs of the majority of their students. They could then select a supplemental program in these areas to strengthen the initial instruction and practice provided to all students.

Compass Learning

Really Great Reading

FOCUS on Reading
Curriculum Associates

Wilson Language Training Corporation

HD Word
Really Great Reading

Premier Learning

Literacy Resources

Open Court Reading Foundational
Skills Kits
- McGraw Hill

Phonics for Reading
Curriculum Associates

Quick Reads

Reading in Motion

Ready Common Core
Curriculum Associates

Strategies to Achieve Reading Success
(STARS) Curriculum Associates

Valley Speech Language and Learning Center

Wilson Fluency/BASIC
Wilson Language Training Corporation

Words Their Way

Curriculum Associates


Istation (Spanish)

Literacy Resources (Spanish)

Palabras a su Paso

Reading in Motion (Spanish)

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