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CDE Advisory List of Providers

2018 School Redesign Request For Information (RFI)

In early 2018, CDE invited partners to join the state’s effort to transform low-performing schools and ensure that all students – regardless of where they live – have access to schools that prepare them for college and career. CDE requested information from providers willing and able to engage deeply with schools and districts across the state as partners of various scope and design. The following three types of partner organizations were encouraged to respond to the request for information (RFI):

  • Charter Networks, Charter Management Organizations and/or Individual Charter Schools that have a track record of success and are interested in operating additional schools in Colorado.
  • Turnaround Leadership Providers that operate leadership development programs specifically targeted for schools and districts in need of support.
  • Management partners or non-profit networks that have a track record of success and can engage with districts and schools in one or more of the 4 Domains for Rapid Improvement.

Please see the RFI Overview for more details regarding the process. CDE is using the RFI responses to:

  • Create an inventory of high quality, proven school and district improvement partners that can be used as a part of the Accountability Clock and Every Student Succeeds Act processes.
  • Provide information to the State Board of Education on available management and charter providers that are able to work with schools and districts that reach the end of the Accountability Clock.
  • Support interested school districts in developing their own Request for Proposals or in developing formal relationships with partners they deem to be an appropriate fit to meet their specific needs.
  • Identify turnaround leader development providers for the School Turnaround Leaders Development program.

Advisory List of Providers

CDE found that the following respondents sufficiently addressed all questions listed in the RFI and provided concrete evidence of their ability to improve outcomes for students in low-performing schools.

Charter Management Organizations, Networks and Schools

Management Partners and Non-Profit Networks

Turnaround Leadership Providers

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