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Unified Improvement Planning and Accountability - Training

Unified Improvement Planning Informational Webinars

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Future trainings & Webinars to be determined. Please check back soon and watch the Scoop for announcements. 

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Each week the Accountability and Continuous Improvement Office will provide office hours to help further assist you in your improvement and planning needs. Below you will find a list of topics that can be covered during office hours:

  • Unified Improvement Plans and Online System
  • Annual Updates on State Accountability and Planning
  • Growth Fundamentals
  • Short Cycle Planning
  • State Peformance Framework
  • Alternative Education Campsuses
  • Local Assessment Data

Office hours will be held every Tuesday and Thursday from 2:00 pm- 4:00 pm MST in 15 minute time slots starting September 1, 2020. 

More information and the sign up can be found here.


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For questions about UIP training, please contact Erin Loften at or 303-866-6642.