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Educator Talent


These communications tools are meant to be used by district leadership and principals when training their staff or community about educator effectiveness. All resources are able to be modified and personalized to meet individual needs. Resources will be continually added to this page so make sure to check back often.

Educator Licensing

Be a Sub! Campaign Toolkit

Districts and BOCES can use the social media content and printable flyer within this communications toolkit in their recruitment efforts for substitute teachers. 

Educator Effectiveness Metrics Toolkit

The department annually releases Educator Effectiveness Metrics that reflect teacher and principal performance evaluation ratings. The publicly reported metrics only show how teachers and principals are doing as a group at the school, district and state level. Protections are in place to maintain the privacy of individual teachers and principals.

The State Board of Education approved revised Teacher Quality Standards and Principal Quality Standards and the department implemented revisions to the State Model Evaluation System scoring processes between 2017 and 2019. The 2018-19 Educator Effectiveness metrics for all teachers and the 2017-18 Educator Effectiveness Metrics for teachers in the 50 districts and BOCES that participated in the most recent pilot of revisions to the teacher evaluation system are available in EducatorView. The 2017-18 metrics for teachers in the remaining districts and BOCES as well as the 2017-18 and 2018-19 metrics for all principals are available in SchoolView Data Center under the Staff tab. The table below details the location of the metrics during this transition process.

Please note that all prior year data, which are based on the former standards, elements and state model scoring system, will remain in SchoolView Data Center.


2017-18 EE Metrics

2018-19 EE Metrics

2020-21* EE Metrics
and all later years

Type of Metric SchoolView
Data Center
EducatorView SchoolView
Data Center
EducatorView SchoolView
Data Center
Teacher Metrics

Non-pilot data

Pilot data





Principal Metrics








*Note: The department did not collect 2019-20 evaluation ratings due to the Governor’s temporary suspension of the state law requiring performance evaluations, an impact of COVID-19.

To support districts and BOCES in communicating with teachers and their communities about the public release of the metrics and the transition to a new platform, CDE has created the materials below. All materials can be modified and personalized to meet individual needs.

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