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Educator Effectiveness Metrics

Educator Effectiveness (EE) Metrics


As required by state statute and State Board of Education rules, CDE must collect teacher and principal performance evaluation data and provide aggregated reports back to districts and the public. These reports are referred to as the Educator Effectiveness Metrics. Released annually, the metrics reflect performance evaluation ratings for teachers and principals for the three most recent years for which CDE has data. Due to the time it takes districts to complete and submit evaluation data to CDE, there is a time lag in reporting these metrics.

There are four publicly reported metrics for teachers and principals:

  • Overall Effectiveness Ratings
  • Quality Standard Ratings
  • Alignment
  • Gap Analysis

In addition to the publicly reported metrics, there are nine other metrics available to district superintendents and BOCES directors through CDE’s single sign-on system, also referred to as Identity Management (IdM). These password-protected reports may only be accessed by superintendents and BOCES executive directors, or their designees. These additional EE Metrics include:

  • Effectiveness Rating by School Performance Framework (SPF)/District Performance Framework (DPF) Plan
  • Effectiveness Rating by Student Population Quartiles (poverty, English Language Learners (ELL), minority)
  • Percentage Rated Effective or Higher by Percentage of SPF/DPF Points Earned
  • Percentage Rated Effective or Higher by Student Population (poverty, ELL, minority) Percentages
  • Stability/Change in Ratings
  • Retention Rates (available for teachers in Data Center only)
  • Experience
  • Racial Composition (available for teachers only)
  • Yearly Change in Racial Composition (available for teachers in Data Center only)

Changes to the Educator Effectiveness Metrics

Starting with the 2017-18 Educator Effectiveness Metrics, the metrics display reflects two important changes to past practice in which all teacher and principal metrics were available in SchoolView Data Center:

  1. Metrics for teachers in the 50 districts and BOCES that participated in the most recent pilot of revisions to the teacher evaluation system are displayed separately from the metrics for teachers in non-pilot districts and BOCES and
  2. The transition to a more flexible and user-friendly platform, EducatorView, began. The pilot district and BOCES metrics are housed on the new EducatorView platform, as are all teacher metrics in subsequent years. Principal metrics are housed on EducatorView beginning with the 2020-21 principal metrics. 

The State Board of Education approved revised Teacher Quality Standards and Principal Quality Standards and the department implemented revisions to the State Model Evaluation System scoring processes between 2017 and 2019.

Changes to the teacher framework were pilot-tested by 50 districts and BOCES in Colorado during the 2017-2018 school year and subsequently adopted statewide during the 2018-2019 school year. Changes to the principal framework were implemented statewide during the 2019-2020 school year. For more detailed information regarding the evaluation system revisions, click here.

Evaluation ratings on the revised evaluation systems must be reported separately from evaluation ratings on the former systems. As such, the Educator Effectiveness Metrics for evaluations conducted using the revised frameworks are displayed on EducatorView, while the metrics for evaluations conducted using the former frameworks remain on SchoolView Data Center.

Due to the staggered implementation of the revised systems, the transition to displaying the metrics in EducatorView occurred over the course of three years. The table below details the location of the metrics during this transition process. Please note that all prior year data, which are based on the former evaluation systems, remain in Data Center.


2017-18 EE Metrics

2018-19 EE Metrics

2020-21* EE Metrics and all later years

Type of Metric  SchoolView Data Center   EducatorView   SchoolView Data Center   EducatorView  SchoolView Data Center   EducatorView 
Teacher Metrics

Non-pilot data

Pilot data





Principal Metrics







*The department did not collect 2019-20 evaluation ratings due to the Governor's temporary suspension of state law requiring performance evaluations, an impact of COVID-19. Therefore, the 2019-20 school year is omitted from this table. 

Resources for Understanding and Sharing the Educator Effectiveness Metrics

Access the Educator Effectiveness Metrics

EE Metrics for teacher data based on the former Teacher Quality Standards, rubric and scoring system and all principal data:

EE Metrics for teacher data based on the revised Teacher Quality Standards, rubric and scoring system and all principal data:

To access all of the data populating the public EE Metrics displays, please download the following files: Overall Effectiveness Ratings 2021-22, Quality Standards Ratings 2021-22, Alignment Ratings 2021-22 and Gap Analysis 2021-22. To access the data populating the private EE Metrics displays, if you are a superintendent or BOCES executive director, please email your request to 

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