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Effective Date of a License

The effective date of the license becomes the date on which an application is complete and CDE is ready to act on the application.Therefore, if an applicant submits an incomplete application, or is missing fingerprints, the license will not be effective until that information has been provided and approved. CDE will not backdate applications for any reason other than our own error. This includes the submission of official transcripts showing degree conferred

Putting a Professional License on Inactive Status

Note: Only a professional license may be inactivated. Authorizations and initial licenses cannot be placed on inactive status.

22-60.5-109.5 C.R.S. states that any person who holds a valid professional license may choose to convert the professional license to inactive status by notifying the Colorado Department of Education in writing via eLicensing and then simultaneously transferring, either in person or by first-class mail, the original copy of the professional license to the Colorado Department of Education Educator Licensing Unit. To make an inactivate request, you will need to complete the "Inactivate an already Active Professional License" application in eLicensing. You can only make this request one time in a 12 month period. There is no fee for an Inactivation request.

While on inactive status, the expiration date of a professional license shall be suspended (online lookups will show an expiration date of the date in which we received your inactivation request and surrendered license). When the professional license is returned to active status, it shall be valid for the period remaining on the license, as of the date the license holder assumed inactive professional license status. While your professional license is on inactive status, you shall be deemed to not hold that professional license.

CDE can only inactivate a license after the license has been issued. We cannot inactivate your license at the time of initial application or at the time of renewal due to system constraints. You must wait until the original license has been approved and emailed to you. CDE does not print or mail any licenses from our office. Once the original license has been approved the printing and emailing is an automatic process. Requests for inactivation that are received prior to the original license being issued cannot be processed; your inactivation application must have a copy of the original license uploaded, if you have a hard copy of your license, in to it before it can be submitted for processing. If you have an emailed version of your license, you do not need to upload the license while completing the application process. The inactivation (expiration) dates are based upon when the valid request and the surrendered license are received by the Educator Licensing Unit at CDE.

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Reactivating a Professional License that was Previously Inactivated

A person may return a professional license to active status at any time by completing the "Reactivate an already Inactive Professional License" application using eLicensing. Reactivation dates are based upon when the complete reactivation application is received by CDE and the days remaining calculated during the inactivation process. There is a non-refundable $25 fee associated with the reactivation and reprinting of the license in hardcopy.

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Reprint Requests/Corrections

A duplicate, or reprint, of an active license or authorization may be obtained by submitting a "Reprint/Request Name Change" application. Only one license/authorization can be requested per application. To request more than one reprint, additional applications, including associated fees, must be submitted. The application can be found within the eLicensing system, click here for detailed instructions.

If your license/authorization has already expired and you need written verification of past licensure status, please see the Verification of an Expired License or Certification section.

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Name Change Request

Official documentation from an applicant is required prior to making a name change for that person. To submit the documentation, you will need to complete the "Reprint Request/Name Change" application in eLicensing.During the application process, you will need to upload an electronic copy of the official documentation supporting the legal name change. This documentation can be a marriage license, divorce degree or other officially issued court documents. Click here for detailed instructions.

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Verification of an Expired License or Certificate (Letter of Good Standing)

The Educator Licensing Unit is able to provide you with a letter of good standing that verifies what type of license(s) or authorization(s) you held, the expiration date(s), and the endorsement area(s). To request a letter of good standing, please provide a written request that includes: your current name, any former names, your date of birth, the last four digits of your social security number, the mailing address where you would like the information sent, and an email address or phone number. CDE will use the information that you provide to process your request and notify you via phone or email if there are any questions or concerns pertaining to the request. There is no charge for this service.

Submit request via email to:  *Make sure to put Letter of Good Standing and then your name in the subject line. Do not submit more than one request via email. If your subject does not contain "Letter of Good Standing", your email will be added to generic questions emails and there could be a significant delay in the processing of your request.


Mail to:

Colorado Department of Education
Educator Licensing Unit
Attn: Letter of Good Standing
6000 E. Evans Ave., Building 2, Suite 100
Denver, CO 80222

Photocopies of Educator Licensure Records prior to 2002

If you are seeking a copy of a teacher or educator license that was issued prior to October 18, 2002, you will need to contact the Colorado State Archives at the following address:

Colorado State Archives
1313 Sherman St. Room 1B-20
Denver, CO 80203
303-866-2358 or 303-866-2390

Their fees for obtaining copies (up to three pages) are $15.00 for Colorado residents and $25.00 for non-residents. If you need the document(s) certified there are additional costs.

The Colorado State Archives is open Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday from 9:00am – 4:30pm MT, excluding state and federal holidays. The research area is closed on Wednesdays.


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