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New Licensing System to Launch Spring 2021

eLicensing System Again Available (Temporarily)

CDE's Educator Talent Division is finalizing the creation of a new licensing submission system, which we planned to launch in January. However, due to technology integration challenges, we have decided to postpone the launch until we have performed sufficient quality assurance testing prior to its implementation. We want to be confident that the new system streamlines processes for everyone involved, and we simply are not willing to move forward until we have that assurance. (After all, if we're going to call it COOL (an acronym for CO Online Licensing), we need to be certain it actually is!)

eLicensing temporarily has been brought back online to restore access to user accounts and allow for the submission of applications and the issuance of credentials. We realize that shutting down eLicensing has been an inconvenience to a number of our educators.

To avoid further frustration, please review the application checklist that pertains to the license or authorization you seek to ensure that any application you submit is completed in its entirety. This will help to expedite both the evaluation of the application and the issuance of a credential, if you qualify.