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CoAlt - Alternate Science and Social Studies Assessments

2024 Assessment Data and Results


Note: Data files and reports became available to districts and schools throughout June and July. Districts and schools may share confidential individual student performance reports with parents and may use aggregated and individual student level results internally for informational and planning purposes as soon as they are received.


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Arti Sachdeva, EdD
Assessment Division

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Spring 2024 CoAlt Science

View CoAlt administration dates on the General Information page.

Parent Information Sheet (PDF)

CoAlt Administration Trainings

Information on administration trainings is found on the CDE Assessment Division Trainings page.

CoAlt Science Sample Items

Sample items for the CoAlt Science assessments are available. These items are representative of item types on the CoAlt Science assessments.

CoAlt Performance Levels and Cut Scores

Performance Level Descriptors (PLDs)

CoAlt Science PLDs were accepted by the Colorado State Board of Education in December 2022. The CoAlt Science performance levels are Emerging, Approaching Target, At Target, and Advanced.

Performance Level Cut Scores

Students taking CoAlt assessments receive an overall scale score. During the standard setting process, educators used scale scores to set cuts for each performance level based on the specific content that students should be able to engage with at each performance level.

CoAlt Frameworks

The CoAlt Assessment Frameworks are designed to assist educators, test developers, policymakers, and the public by clearly defining those elements of the Colorado Academic Standards - Extended Evidence Outcomes that are suitable for state testing. They are not designed to replace local curricula and should not be considered state curricula. They define the content that may be assessed on CoAlt: Science and Social Studies assessments.

Technical Reports