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Action Planning - Overview

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After setting targets, planning teams will develop a plan of action. This step includes identifying major improvement strategies, interim measures, and implementation benchmarks. Planning teams will also identify the specific action steps required to carry out each major improvement strategy and should respond to and eliminate or correct the root causes of each of the district or school’s prioritized performance challenges.

Implementation benchmarks are the data that will be reviewed to determine if the improvement strategies are being implemented as intended. They are measures of the fidelity with which action steps are implemented and what will be monitored by planning teams throughout the school year.

Both implementation benchmarks and interim measures should be monitored throughout the year (quarterly by School Accountability Committees) to determine if improvement strategies are being implemented with fidelity and are having the desired effects.

The UIP Handbook Section IV: Action Plans describes Action Planning in further detail.

For tools and resources related to action planning, visit the "Action Planning: Tools" page (also accesible through the left-hand navigation menu).  This page includes downloadable documents and examples to assist planning teams through the UIP process.


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