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Early Childhood Career Navigation

Introducing Early Childhood Career Navigation!

Our Mission

The Early Childhood Career Navigation team uses knowledge, intention and collaboration to inclusively guide, connect and support individuals in the pursuit of a career in the field of early childhood education.

What Is Early Childhood Career Navigation?

Early childhood career navigation helps individuals make informed education and career choices. Career development is a cycle with different parts. An individual can go through the cycle multiple times throughout the course of a career. Once individuals know and recognize their value, they can explore options, plan their actions and create their future! The Early Childhood Career Navigation team can help with any or all parts of the cycle.

This graphic shows the career development cycle for early childhood educators.


How We Support Early Childhood Professionals

The Early Childhood Career Navigation team can help with:

  • Clarifying pathways to becoming qualified to be an early childhood teacher or family childcare provider
  • Guiding and assisting with college applications and other forms
  • Finding options for financial resources to help pay for the
    cost of higher education
  • Stewarding and paying for international transcript evaluation
  • Locating and enrolling in professional development to build on strengths and increase knowledge and skill
  • Providing wellness resources
  • Connecting professionals to their early childhood community


How We Support Our Partnerships

Several entities provide early childhood career navigation, either formally or informally. CDE's Early Childhood Career Navigation team provides backbone support for a community of practice, bringing these entities together to share knowledge, maximize efforts and reduce duplication. Members of the Early Childhood Career Navigation team also sit at various policy tables to add the career navigation perspective to these conversations.



To speak with an early childhood career navigator, contact

A pdf version of this information is available here.