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State Model Evaluation System: Overview

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The State Model Evaluation System (SMES) was created by the CDE Educator Effectiveness Office to meet the statutory requirements laid out in Senate Bill 10-191. This legislation established the Educator Effectiveness Office to create and make available a system for educator evaluation, as well as provide districts/BOCES with support in implementing an evaluation system for their licensed personnel. Further, the Educator Effectiveness Regional Specialist Team was established to support districts/BOCES with their system(s).

The State Model Evaluation System (SMES) includes several key elements to support districts/BOCES with implementing a meaningful evaluation system for their educators: 

  • A variety of rubrics to reflect the observable work of teachers, special services providers, and principals are available for districts/BOCES to utilize. The rubrics were initially created in 2013 by Work Groups comprised of practitioners, field experts, and CDE colleagues and were revised in the 2018-19 school year. Additional rubrics for specialized teaching roles were developed in the 2022-23 school year through a similar Work Group process. 
  • The Colorado Performance Management System (COPMS) is an online tool used to collect and house data on all aspects of the evaluation system, from educators' self-assessments to evaluators' observations to final effectiveness ratings (FERs). It is available for districts/BOCES/independent schools across the state at no cost to them.
  • The Educator Effectiveness Regional Specialist Team supports districts/BOCES with anything related to educator evaluation. Regional Specialists provide guidance and support with both/either creation and implementation of evaluation systems by answering questions, helping determine what values are held about evaluation, supporting the development of Measures of Student Learning/Outcomes, cross-walking local model evaluation systems, and much more. Regional Specialists provide expertise and support in a variety of areas to help ensure that meaningful evaluations are taking place across the state. 
  • The Educator Effectiveness Team based in Denver offers technical support for the state-wide performance management system (COPMS), assistance fulfilling statutory requirements, developing resources to support districts/BOCES with their evaluation systems, and much more. 

School districts/BOCES are also welcome to create their own local model evaluation system or employ a combination of both the SMES and a local system. 

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Development of the State Model Evaluation System

To support districts in implementing the new evaluation requirements, CDE worked with a variety of stakeholders to design, develop and pilot the Colorado State Model Evaluation System.

The Colorado State Model Evaluation System was guided by the recommendations by the State Council for Educator Effectiveness. The Rules and Regulations promulgated by the State Board of Education allow districts to choose to use the Colorado State Model Evaluation System OR create their own system as long as the system created adheres to state statute and rules.

The development of the Colorado State Model Evaluation System was guided by five key priorities:

  1. Data should inform decisions, but human judgment will always be an essential component of evaluations
  2. The implementation and evaluation of the system must embody continuous improvement.
  3. The purpose of the system is to provide meaningful and credible feedback that improves performance.
  4. The development and implementation of the evaluation systems must continue to involve stakeholders in a collaborative process.
  5. Educator evaluations must take place within a larger system that is aligned and supportive.

User's Guide for the Colorado State Model Educator Evaluation System 

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