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Maximizing Measures of Student Learning and Outcomes

Local Flexibility for Educator Evaluations. Educators Matter.

Questions to consider: 

What connections can be made between educator practice and measures of student performance? 

What connections can educators make between the goals they create for their Professional Growth Plan (PGP) and their student measures?

How can student measures embody your organization values and beliefs?

How can organizational systems be more efficient in assigning and rating educator measures?

Explore answers to these questions and more!

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As educators draft their PGP goals, there is an explicit connection to the MSL/Os in their evaluation.

Because districts/BOCES have autonomy to create MSL/O systems, processes can be put into place to assign and rate the selected measures.

Assessments educators have already used, whether at the district, school, or classroom level, are valuable in informing instruction and monitoring student progress and can be easily used as an MSL/O.

Assigning a measure weight allows the district/BOCES, school, and/or educator to align values to the measure selected.