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National Board Certification

The Stipend Process for 2018-2019 Is Closed!

For more details, please see the 2018-2019 Stipend Distribution Process fact sheet. Please check back in September 2019 for updated information.


Stipends for 2018-19

The Colorado legislature budgeted to allocate a $1,600 stipend to all NBPTS-certified teachers, counselors and principals who meet the qualifications. An additional stipend of up to $3,200 may be awarded to NBPTS-certified educators employed in schools designated by the Colorado State Board of Education in December 2018 as Priority Improvement Plan or Turnaround Plan schools. NBPTS-certified teachers must be employed by Oct. 1, 2018 and must remain employed through May 1, 2019 to qualify for either stipend.

In order to receive the stipend, however, each NBPTS-certified educator must submit a "National Board Stipend" application through his/her eLicensing account to notify CDE of his/her desire to receive a stipend if he/she is determined eligible. The application will be available only for the month of October 2018 for this year's distribution. Once school ratings have been determined (anticipated December 2018), CDE will work with HR representatives to verify each applicant's employment and FTE.

As stipulated in law, CDE will distribute stipend funds to districts, which will in turn provide these funds to qualifying educators in May 2019 via their payroll systems (applicable withholding(s) may apply; all stipends will be prorated per percentage of FTE).

For an outline of the process, please review the 2018-2019 Stipend Distribution Process fact sheet for important details.


The following are questions frequently asked throughout the years regarding stipends for national board-certified teachers and their individual scenarios. (The 2018-2019 Stipend Distribution Process fact sheet also may help to answer your questions.)

May I still qualify for a stipend if …

 … I work in a private school?     

 … I am on leave without pay?

 … my NBPTS certificate will expire in November?

 … I am retiring mid-year?

 … my national certification is through another organization?

No. To qualify for a stipend, you must hold valid NBPTS certification for the entire academic year and be employed in a public school/BOCES/charter school from at least Oct. 1, 2018 to May 1, 2019.                    


What if …

… I teach in a district online school?

… I work only part time in a district?

… I teach in a content area other than what my NBPTS certificate indicates?

… I hold NBPTS certification as a school counselor?

… I hold multiple NBPTS certifications?

Yes. Stipends will be prorated per percentage of FTE and are not tied to either a content/endorsement area or a brick-and-mortar setting. As long as the certifying organization is NBPTS, you may be eligible for a stipend. Only one stipend will be granted to a qualifying individual, however, regardless of how many NBPTS certificates you hold.

For general inquiries relating to NBPTS stipends, please send an e-mail to: NBPTS E-mail Inquiries

For more information on national board certification:

National Board for Professional Teaching Standards
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