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State Grants to Libraries

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In the 2019 legislative session, the Colorado Legislature increased the appropriation to $3 million in the state's budget to fund the State Grants to Libraries Act. The funds will be available to eligible publicly funded school, public and academic libraries to fund grants for library materials as defined in the statute (see CRS 24-90-401). The purpose of the funds is for educational materials in libraries that support efforts to improve literacy and learning.

Spending and reporting deadlines extended for 2019-2020

Due to the impact of COVID-19 related closures, deadlines have been extended for State Grants to Libraries funds. The updated deadline to have all funds spent by is now June 30, 2020. Last day to request funds is now June 30, 2020. Final report is now due August 15, 2020.

2019-2020 Final Funding Amounts

The Colorado State Library is excited to provide 318 libraries with State Grants to Libraries funding! For 2019-2020, the Colorado Legislature appropriated an additional $500,000 to the grant because of the demonstrated impact these funds provide to the communities the libraries serve. Final funding amounts are available here (one grant awarded per library jurisdiction, academic institution, or school district). 

2019-2020 Guidelines and Eligibility Forms


  • September 11, 2019: overview webinar.
    Archive and slides available in Webinars section
  • September 16, 2019: Eligibility forms due.
  • October 2019: Award amounts announced
  • October-November 2019: Award disbursement begins
  • May 31, 2020 June 30, 2020: End of grant period. All funds must be spent.
  • June 15, 2020 June 30, 2020: Final requests for funds must be received.
  • July 15, 2020 August 15, 2020: 2019-2020 final grant report due.


Have a question about these forms, eligible purchases, or anything related to the State Grants for Libraries? Check our Frequently Asked Questions first - your question is likely already answered here.

Latest Resources

partial image of 2019-2020 state grants to libraries distribution map

2019-2020 Distribution of State Grants to Libraries (PDF): View a map of where the 2019-2020 State Grants to Libraries were distributed, funding 318 grants to academic, public, and school libraries across the state. 97.5 % of all libraries in the state received funding at a minimum of $4,500. 

partial image of 2018-2019 state grants to libraries impact infographic

The Impact of State Grants to Libraries: 2018-2019 (PDF). In 2018-2019, $2.5 million was distributed to 318 public, school, academic, and institutional libraries. See how that money was used, some benefits of the funding, and how grantees said the funding helped them.


Additional Resources

Funding Allocation Charts

2019-2020 Final Funding Allocation (PDF)

These list each previous grant recipient (one grant per main library jurisdiction or school district) and amount.

Colorado Libraries Collaborate! (CLC)

  • Participant List - Membership in CLC is required for public and academic libraries. Check to see if your library is already a member.
  • Participation Agreement Form - If you are not a member, you can fill out this form and become a member by October 1 to become eligible for funding.

Reporting and Evaluation

2019-2020 final report is due by July 15, 2020 August 15, 2020. All funds must be spent by May 31, 2020 June 30, 2020.

Requesting Funds

Link to Request for Funds form, overview of the process, and frequently asked questions related to the forms. Last day to request funds is June 30, 2020.



2019-2020 Overview and Q&A webinar
September 11, 2019
View the webinar archive
Webinar slide deck (PDF)


Melissa Carlson, Program Manager