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Institutional Libraries

Institutional Libraries - Floor-to-ceiling wooden bookshelves filled with colorful books.

Institutional and Prison Libraries

The Institutional Library Development (ILD) unit addresses the needs of approximately 30,000 Colorado citizens residing in 40 state-funded institutions.

ILD staff provide leadership and expertise to Colorado’s state institutional libraries to meaningfully impact the lives of library users, their families, and their communities.


State Prison Libraries

Find information about the correctional libraries served by ILD and learn how libraries support the successful re-entry of incarcerated people.


Resource Sharing and Web Services

Resource sharing support for Colorado libraries is provided by the Networking and Resource Sharing (NRS) unit. NRS manages statewide services and projects so that libraries don't have to "go it alone."

NRS staff coordinates technology-based services best suited to groups of libraries to utilize the power of library partnerships, cooperative purchasing, and web-based resources designed to meet multi-type library needs.