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E-Rate Assistance for Schools and Libraries

E-Rate is administered by the Universal Service Administrative Company (USAC) under the direction of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), and provides discounts to assist most schools and libraries in the United States to obtain affordable telecommunications and Internet access. It is one of four support programs funded through a Universal Service fee charged to companies that provide interstate and/or international telecommunications services.

The Schools and Libraries Program supports connectivity - the conduit or pipeline for communications using telecommunications services and/or the Internet. Funding is requested under four categories of service: telecommunications services, Internet access, internal connections, and basic maintenance of internal connections. Discounts for support depend on the level of poverty and the urban/rural status of the population served and range from 20% to 90% of the costs of eligible services. Eligible schools, school districts and libraries may apply individually or as part of a consortium.


CSI Charter School Applicants
In order to successfully complete the form 471 and determine the discount for schools chartered through the Charter School Institute (CSI), applicants will need to list every charter school associated with the CSI on their Form 471 application. (Click here for the template needed to import all CSI schools into the application.) Once the spreadsheet is uploaded, some of the entities will have a question mark (?) under the Urban or Rural column. Applicants will need to edit this section by highlighting the row that contains the ? and click the square icon with the pencil. Change the Urban or Rural flag to URBAN and submit the record. Making this change will help reduce the amount of time PIA will spend on the application.

During the creation of the Funding Request, applicants will indicate the recipient of services by using the Manage Recipients link under the Funding Request section of the form 471.

If there are any question regarding this process, please contact DeLilah Collins (, 303-866-6850).

As a reminder, the funding window will close on April 16, 2015 11:59 EDT.

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