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CDE Update

About the CDE Update

Welcome to the CDE Update! This e-publication will show you what is happening in key priority areas at CDE and include details on implementation, milestones, deadlines and resources.

This online format allows you to view everything or filter by category and date and will be your go-to source for all Update information.

CDE unveils COVID-19 Learning Impacts Toolkit

CDE created a COVID-19 Learning Impacts Toolkit to help district and school leaders plan and implement strategies to address the impacts of lost instructional time on the learning and wellbeing of students over the past school year. 

The toolkit has a variety of new and existing strategies to help school and district leaders address the impacts of the pandemic on the learning and wellbeing of students and staff. The toolkit's key themes are Reflect, Reset, Reimagine. CDE will continue to add resources to the toolkit over the next year to help district and school leaders adapt to the evolving needs of students.

Additionally, the toolkit is aligned with the Equity and Excellence Learning Series, which is an online event designed to catalyze conversations about resources and strategies. The series will be held June 16-17, June 23-24 and Aug. 4-6. Share this link with selected staff to register. Capacity for the Learning Series is limited and CDE encourages timely registration. Registration will close at 5 p.m. on Wednesday, June 9.

June 2021

Accountability, Performance and Support

What's Happening Now

District Accreditation Contracts

CDE is updating accreditation contracts for all districts in 2021-22. Updates to the contract include reference to the 2020 and 2021 accountability pause, additional detail regarding the Gun Free Schools Act, participation in statewide assessments, and if applicable, updates to schools on the Accountability Clock, on watch, or any active orders from the State Board of Education. More Information was sent to accountability contacts on May 5, including a link to a sample 2021-22 accreditation contract.  

  • Districts with Priority Improvement or Improvement Ratings – Superintendents and local board presidents will need to sign contracts by the end of June. CDE will be in touch when contracts have been customized for your district. 
  • District with Performance or Distinction Plan Types – While your contracts are typically automatically renewed, CDE is requesting that superintendents and local board presidents sign this updated contract by fall 2021. CDE will be in touch when contracts have been customized for your district. In light of all disruptions, you may request a delay in updating your contract.  

Contact Lisa Medler at with questions.

Request to Reconsider Process

As mentioned in the May Update, House Bill 21-1161, which paused state accountability for schools and districts for a second consecutive year, allows for schools and districts with priority improvement and turnaround plan types to participate in a request to reconsider process in 2021-22.  The Accountability Work Group is wrapping up its recommendations on the process, which can be accessed here. The proposed rules will be noticed at the June State Board of Education meeting. If you would like to provide feedback on the proposed rules, contact Lisa Medler at

2021-22 READ Act K-3 Instructional Program Reporting

2021-22 K-3 Instructional Program Reporting will be collected alongside other READ Act data through Data Pipeline. The collection window is open through Tuesday, June 15. This collection replaces the submission of the K-3 instructional reporting as an attachment to the district UIP. For more information, visit the READ Act Data Collection site.

What's on the Horizon

2021-2022 UIP Submission

As a reminder for the 2021-22 school year, all school and district UIPs will be due for public posting and/or CDE review on Oct. 15. This is the launch of the new permanent timeline shift. CDE recommends that planning for the next school year begins this spring/summer, as local data becomes available. The state will review plans for identified schools and districts (i.e., Priority Improvement, Turnaround, On Watch, ESSA Comprehensive Support) after Oct. 15. Biennial flexibility will be available for eligible districts and schools.  


Important Upcoming Deadlines

Watch for more information in next month's Update.

More Information

For more information on accountability and improvement, contact Rhonda Haniford, Associate Commissioner, 303‐866‐6202.


What's Happening Now

Updates to Assessment Demographic and Invalidation Data

Districts have the opportunity to review and make corrections to demographic and invalidation data through CDE’s voluntary Student Biographical Data review process. The remaining SBD windows for this year are included in the following table.

TENTATIVE Spring 2021 Assessment Student Biographical Data (SBD) Review Windows


Tentative SBD Window

CMAS (including math, English language arts, CSLA, science)

CoAlt: science

June 3-11


June 8-17

CoAlt: English Language Arts and Mathematics (DLM)

June 15-23


What's on the Horizon

2021 State Assessment Results

CDE is working with assessment vendors to refine reporting timelines following adjustments to state assessment activities that were designed to provide Colorado school districts with additional time and flexibility in spring 2021. Details surrounding updated reporting timelines will be sent to district assessment coordinators as soon as they are available. 

Spring 2022 High School Assessments Procurement Update

 Colorado will continue to use the PSAT and SAT for its high school assessments through spring 2023 under an addition to the contract with College Board designed to provide students, families and educators with consistency and continuity.

The decision to amend the existing contract was made after an independent evaluation committee of school and district administrators and educators with a variety of expertise canceled a request for proposals issued in March 2021 for a national college entrance exam. The committee found neither of the submitted proposals met the requirements laid out in the request for proposals. For more information, see the press release here.

Important Upcoming Deadlines

June 3-11: Tentative CMAS (all content areas) and CoAlt (science) Student Biographical Data Review window

June 8-17: Tentative PSAT/SAT Student Biographical Data Review window

June 15-23: Tentative CoAlt DLM English language arts and math Student Biographical Data Review window

More Information

For more information on assessments, contact Joyce Zurkowski, chief assessment officer, 303-866-6760,, or visit

Educator Talent

What's Happening Now

2020-21 Educator Shortage Survey results now available

As part of the strategic action plan developed in response to Colorado House Bill 17-1003, CDE created the Educator Shortage Survey – an annual, statewide survey for all districts and BOCES. Survey results, including the number of positions filled by shortage mechanisms and the number of positions going unfilled, are available on the Colorado Educator Shortage Survey Results webpage. Results are provided separately for teaching, special services provider, principal/assistant principal and paraprofessional positions, and reported by endorsement area, rural designation, and district. 

For additional information, contact Carolyn Haug at

2021-22 Educator Effectiveness Assurances open

Each year by July 1, Colorado districts and BOCES must submit assurances that they are implementing the State Model Evaluation System or another evaluation system that is aligned to the requirements in statute and Colorado State Board of Education rules for teachers, principals and special services providers.

The Educator Talent Division is phasing in revisions to the Educator Effectiveness Assurances over a three-year collection cycle that includes the assurances for the 2020-21, 2021-22 and 2022-23 school years. The 2021-22 assurances are the same as 2020-21. Specifically, the website requirement and signature page requirement have been removed, and questions regarding the weighting of professional practices standards and the role of the Advisory Personnel Performance Evaluation Council are included.

The more complete picture of district evaluation systems through the phased revisions will provide important statewide trends for professional practices and inform the Educator Effectiveness team working with individual districts and supporting regional professional learning communities.

Details regarding the 2021-22 assurances, including a summary of requirements, submission instructions and the online submission form, can be found on the EE Assurances webpage. The EE regional team will continue to provide support to districts regarding their evaluation processes, including system changes and assurances revisions.

For more information, contact Carolyn Haug at

Application for 2021-22 Principal Leadership Institute opens July 1

Colorado principals are invited to apply for the 2021-22 Principal Leadership, a free school leadership series focused on distributive leadership and improving climate and culture in schools. Participants will work alongside exemplary principals using a coaching model, attend monthly seminars and participate in leadership sessions with coaches who will provide support for building leaders to sustain and integrate the skills and behaviors learned during seminars. School leaders will focus on understanding their leadership identity, implementing key elements of distributive leadership and learning about Adaptive Schools tools to build teacher capacity through collaborative teams.  

Visit the Principal Leadership Institute webpage for additional information, including testimonial videos from the 2020-21 Principal Leadership Institute and application details. 

For questions or more information, contact Robyn Hamasaki at

Take TalentFOUND survey to help address Colorado educator and classified staff talent gap

The Colorado Workforce Development Council invites partners of the TalentFOUND network to complete the Bridging the Talent Gap Survey. Results from this optional survey can be used by district and school leaders to identify and address local skill shortages, and feedback will help guide teacher and classified staff recruitment and retainment strategies moving forward. 

Responses to the 15-minute survey will be kept confidential. No identifiable information will be reported or shared with employers or anyone outside the Graduate! Network research team. Complete the "Bridging the Talent Gap" survey here.

Those interested must complete the survey by Tuesday, June 15. Survey results are anticipated to be available this fall, and participants will have access to dashboards of customizable data reports.

What's on the Horizon

Watch for more information in next month's Update.

Important Upcoming Deadlines

July 1:  2021-22 Educator Effectiveness Assurances due.

More Information

For more information, contact Colleen O'Neil, associate commissioner of Educator Talent, 303-866-6945, or visit


What's Happening Now

2021-22  Consolidated Application

The Consolidated Application is due on Wednesday, June 30. As a reminder, the School Improvement Retention of Funds and Non-public School Consultation forms were due to CDE by May 30. Both forms need to be uploaded into the 2021-2022 Consolidated Application.

What's on the Horizon

Watch for more information in next month's Update.

Important Upcoming Deadlines

Watch for more information in next month's Update.

More Information

For more information, contact Mark Kirkemier, executive director of Federal Programs, at

Organizational Effectiveness

Student Biographical Data collection (SBD) will be completed this month. School code change requests and READ have due dates in June. 

What's Happening Now

Ascend Colorado's system available July 1

Ascend Colorado, the state’s Individualized Education Program system under development with CDE and AnLar, LLC, will be used by teams of educators, service providers and families of students with disabilities to develop and implement IEPs. The system will be available to all Administrative Units beginning Thursday, July 1. Visit the Ascend Colorado website for more information.

View the Ascend Colorado contract

The contract for the Ascend Colorado IEP System is now available on the ESSU's Directors Corner webpage. The contract was signed on Sept. 22, 2020, approximately three months later than the anticipated date of July 1, 2020. As a result of the later date, the projected schedule included in the RFP was condensed. The revised schedule, including completed milestones, is also on the ESSU Directors Corner webpage and Ascend Colorado IEP System's webpage.

Sign up now for the Equity & Excellence Learning Series

Sign up now for the virtual 2021 Equity & Excellence Learning Series on June 16-17, June 23-24, and Aug. 4-6. Titled: "Reflect, Reset, Reimagine: Tools and Strategies to Accelerate Student Learning and Well-Being in Colorado," the series will be anchored by CDE’s COVID-19 Learning Impact Toolkit's four key areas: recovery planning, extended learning opportunities, instruction and intervention, and well-being and connectedness.

The series is designed for district and school leaders, classroom leaders and school support specialists who have and will continue to do the work necessary to address opportunity gaps exacerbated by the pandemic.

Specifically, the Learning Series will speak to:

  • School leaders (principals, assistant principals)
  • Federal program directors
  • Special education directors
  • Educators and specialists as content is relevant
  • Health & Wellness/Social-Emotional Learning/ Nutrition directors and coordinators

Featured Speakers:

  • Dr. Katy Anthes, commissioner, CDE
  • Gerardo Muñoz, teacher, Colorado Teacher of the Year
  • Dr. Byron M. McClure, D.Ed., school psychologist
  • Celeste Malone, PhD, MS, associate professor, Howard University

To register, follow this link. Questions? Contact

Student Biographical Data 

Districts will have the opportunity to complete the CMAS English language arts (including Colorado Spanish language arts), math, science, and CoAlt Science SBD tentatively scheduled between June 3-11. Tentative dates for the PSAT and SAT SBD are June 8-17. Lastly, the tentative dates for the CoAlt ELA and Math (Dynamic Learning Maps) SBD are June 15-23. 


Districts may request school code changes for the 2021-22 school year. These requests must be made by Wednesday, June 30. Local Education Agencies' calendars for 2021-22 may be entered between June 1-Sept. 1. 


The Reading to Ensure Academic Development is now open until Thursday, July 1. All districts must submit files by Tuesday, June 15, at which time the cross-LEA validation process commences. Also though not in Pipeline, the READ Budget Submission is due Wednesday, June 30. 

Teacher Student Data Link  

The teacher-student data link interchange file is open as well as the teacher-student data link snapshot. There is only one interchange file to be uploaded as the collection has been redesigned. The statewide standard course code system is no longer being used. Instead, all data will be uploaded as part of the one interchange file. For the 2020-21 school year, all districts are required to report TSDL data for students in grades sixth-12th only. With this school year being a reportable Civil Rights Data Collection year, it is advised to also report all computer science courses as well for the sixth-12th grade students as this subject is required for the CRDC file.  Additionally, all courses are required to be reported for eighth-12th grade migrant students. The TSDL snapshot is open and is due Friday, Aug. 13.

School Discipline  

School Discipline is open and will be due Thursday, Aug. 26.


The Attendance snapshot is also open and will be due Thursday, Aug. 26.

Special Education Discipline

The Special Education Discipline interchange is available for districts to upload their Sped Discipline Action file. Administrative Units may take snapshots once the districts have uploaded their files and the Special Education IEP child and participation files have been updated. Districts and AUs must have applicable interchange files uploaded by Thursday, June 10. This collection closes Thursday, Aug. 26.

Designated Agency   

The 2020-21 Designated Agency data collection is open in the Data Pipeline to enter 2020-21 candidates until Tuesday, Aug. 31.


Migrant Regional Programs must withdraw all attending students at the end of the regular term within the Migrant Student Information System. Districts can access their Migrant Student List through Data Pipeline. Monthly, LEAs can access a Cognos Report in Data Pipeline entitled “Migrant Student List,” which can be pulled by school year and district and is located under the “Student Profile” under the COGNOS reports tab. The district must have the STD LEAUSER or STD LEAVIEWER role to see the Student Profile folder in Cognos. The COGNOS Migrant List/Report has the following columns:  SASID, Last Name, First Name, Birth Date, School Code, Migrant Arrival Date and Migrant End Date. The report can be downloaded into Excel and from there imported into the district’s Student Information System. Please ensure your district has uploaded a current Student School Association file to receive the most up-to-date Migrant List. Should you have questions regarding your Migrant List, please reach out to your local Migrant Education Programs who coordinate and deliver services to migrant students by accessing this link:

Special Education End of Year  

The Special Education End of Year snapshot is now available to Administrative Units. IEP interchange errors must be resolved and at least one snapshot created by Thursday, July 8. This collection will close Thursday, Sept. 30.

Student End of Year  

The 2020-21 End of Year snapshot is open and districts may create snapshots. The target date for creating an initial snapshot is Thursday, June 3.

School code change request deadline Wednesday, June 30

Districts/LEAs requesting a New School Code, School Name Change, School Grade Change and/or Request for Closing a School must submit the application, including the superintendent/executive director's signature, on or before Wednesday, June 30, for the 2021-22 school year.

The School Code Change Request forms are located here. 
We cannot guarantee that your request will be approved if submitted after the June 30th deadline

Click Here for Additional Information

What's on the Horizon

READ will close in early July. 

Important Upcoming Deadlines

June 11:  Tentative CMAS ELA (including CSLA), Math, Science; CoAlt Science SBD due date

June 15:  Initial READ files due

June 17:  College Board PSAT and SAT SBD tentative due date

June 23:  CoAlt ELA and Math (DLM) SBD tentative due date

June 30:  School Code Change Requests due

June 30:  READ Budget Submission deadline (non-Pipeline)

July 1:  READ final deadline

More Information

For more information on data pipeline, contact Jan Petro, director of data services, 303-866-6838, or visit

Postsecondary Readiness

What's Happening Now

Watch for more information in next month's Update.

What's on the Horizon

Work-Based Learning Incubator Convening – June 3-4

Registration for the Work-Based Learning Incubator Convening is now open. Tune in to the free, virtual convening June 3-4 for over 25 sessions around work-based learning in K-12. There will be opportunities to network, collaborate in workshops and learn about fantastic work. There will also be fun, interactive mind-break sessions. Click here for more information and session descriptions and here to register. Email if you have any questions.

Important Upcoming Deadlines

Watch for more information in next month's Update.

More Information

Teaching and Learning

What's Happening Now

Office of Standards and Instructional Support (SIS)

2021 Colorado Science Standards Implementation Institutes

Join the Office of Standards and Instructional Support this summer for the 2021 Implementation Institutes, which are professional learning experiences that can serve as a launching point for educators across Colorado to learn about the recently revised Colorado Academic Standards in Science. Events are free and open to science educators across the state, but capacity is limited. Visit the Implementation Institute webpage to learn more or to register. 

K-12 Science Standards Summer 2021 Regional Institute Dates:

  • Southern Colorado: Friday, June 4
  • Eastern Colorado: Thursday, June 10
  • Denver Metro: Tuesday, June 15
  • Pikes Peak Region: Tuesday, July 13
  • Northern Colorado: Wednesday, Aug. 4
  • Science Standards Academy for Colorado School Principals: Thursday, June 24.
  •  Follow this link to learn more or to register. For more information, contact Maya Garcia at

Standards Revision Committees Have Begun

Stay up to date on the work of the Standards Revision Committees for the Arts and Social Studies through this webpage. For more information, contact Joanna Bruno

Preschool through 3rd Grade Office


Extended Deadline for K-3 Teacher Training

Gov. Polis recently signed House Bill 21-1129, extending the deadline to complete the K-3 teacher training requirement under the Colorado READ Act to the beginning of the 2022-23 school year. Visit this link to learn more about the training requirement in evidenced-based reading or contact Melissa Ahlstrand at

Comprehensive Literacy State Development Grant

The Request for Applications for the Colorado Comprehensive Literacy State Development Grant is live and open for applications. The CLSD program is a federally supported grant to expand evidence-based reading practices and interventions with a goal of advancing literacy skills for children from birth to grade 12. Emphasis will be on historically underserved students including children in poverty, English learners and children with disabilities through educator professional development, literacy consulting support, development of a district-wide comprehensive local literacy plan and other high-impact strategies.

The RFA and supporting documents can be found on the CLSD webpage. Applications are due Friday, July 30.

For questions, contact the CLSD grant program manager Stacey Smith at or visit the CLSD page

What's on the Horizon

Watch for more information in next month's Update.

Important Upcoming Deadlines

Watch for more information in next month's Update.

More Information

For more information on Teaching and Learning contact Floyd Cobb, Executive Director, Teaching and Learning at