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Charter Schools Capital Construction Funding

Pursuant to C.R.S. 22-54-124, each year the State Education Fund and a percentage of the marijuana excise tax provides an appropriation for Charter School and Institute Charter School Capital Construction. The purpose of this funding is to promote a safe and healthy learning environment for all Colorado students. The funding can be used by the Charter School or Institute Charter School to pay for school construction, renovation, maintaining, financing, or the purchasing or leasing of facilities. 

All Charter Schools and Institute Charter Schools in the state must submit an eligibility questionnaire to the Division. The Division historically requests the certification of "Charter School Capital Construction Funding Eligibility Questionnaire" after the October pupil counts. The funds are distributed on a per FTE basis and the final FTE count is taken directly from the October pupil count data submitted by the district to the Division. The funds are distributed on a monthly basis; the first six months calculate the distribution amount per charter school based on FTE projections provided by the charter school. Annually in February, adjustments are made to the distribution schedule to reflect actual FTE provided in the October pupil count data.  

UPDATE (4/01/2019): The total distribution amount was reduced to $25 million due to confusion regarding the interpretation of the appropriations clause in HB18-1070 (see Notice: Updated Fund Distribution to $25M, below).

UPDATE (5/28/2019): The total distribution amount was corrected to $29.25 million per HB19-1055. To make up for decreased distributions in March and April, the May and June distribution amount will be $299.87 per FTE.

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