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2009 SLDS (RISE) Grant - Governance

While management consists of actual decisions made, governance offers a structure for making those decisions. With a program like SLDS (RISE), it is critical that a governance structure is put into place so the program’s executive sponsors may steer the program as necessary, and the more tactical business and technical personnel can continue with the day to day development of effective results.

The role of Governance in SLDS (RISE) is to offer a decision-making mechanism that consists of committees, review boards and policy-makers. Members of the high level executive steering governance committee focus on strategy, investment and architecture. They also have responsibility to assign the decision-making authority and accountability.

Membership must be chosen carefully, so that each stakeholder with a vested interest is able to voice his/her opinion.

The SLDS (RISE) Program Team integrates each tier of governance and provides the conduit between the tiers. The RISE Program Team addresses any and all issues that may arise between the independent groups at each level. The team strives for consensus decision making and utilizes the Executive Steering Committee only when necessary to resolve issues.

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RISE Project Governance Documents: