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Gathering Information

Gather refers to collecting appropriate information about students and educators in Colorado. For students, this might be educational history, including early educational background, learning strengths areas needing more attention, test scores, grades, and achievements.  For educators, this could include educator characteristics, preparation programs, and professional development activities.

The Capture (Gather) strategic objective is accomplished through two main projects and one expansion, as follows:

Data Pipeline

The Data Pipeline system has replaced the outdated Automated Data Exchange (ADE) system with a new method of capturing data. Data Pipeline has streamlined data collection and reduced manual burdens on our school districts. Data collected has now shifted from a program-centric to a more student-centric collection model.

State Equalization Re-Write

The State Equalization Re-Write project supports both public school finance and information technology groups by upgrading the technology that provides districts with state funding, while streamlining and automating many manual processes. 

Data Warehouse Expansion

CDE’s Data Warehouse has been extended to include the data from the Data Pipeline collection process as well as data required for the federal reporting requirements.