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Implementation of Results Matter and Improving Preschool Outcomes for Children with Disabilities

Results Matter Handbook

The Results Matter Handbook has detailed information to support the full implementation of Results Matter for children ages three through age five who have an Individualized Education Program (IEP). Colorado requires that preschool programs who serve children with an Individualized Education Program (IEP) use Results Matter assessment to support the learning of children served by the program and to communicate progress to families.

Additional Information

Results Matter Assurances

Reporting Requirements for Preschool Special Education

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Results Matter Checkpoint Deadlines for 2024-25

Documentation Window

During this window providers observe, document, and complete preliminary ratings and may finalize baseline ratings based upon what is observed and collected from other sources.

Aug 15 (or first program day) – Oct 1
Oct 21 – Jan 22
Feb 3 – Apr 23
Summer (optional)
May 4 – July 23

Assessment Rating Window*

During this window, providers make final determinations about how to rate the child on each of the assessment indicators. Observation and documentation continue.

Oct 1 – Oct 18
Jan 23– Feb 7
Apr 24 – May 2
Summer (optional)
July 24 – Aug 1

Online Data Finalized

Assessment data on every indicator should be finalized by providers in the assessment system for the child NO LATER THAN the following dates for each checkpoint.* 

October 18, 2024
February 7, 2025
May 2, 2025
Summer (optional)
August 1, 2025

*It is important to enter data and finalize a baseline rating for children with an IEP as soon as initial evidence for each objective becomes available, this baseline rating may be finalized prior to the assessment rating window. See the complete guidance in Treating the First Assessment Period as a Baseline (PDF)

Approved Assessments for Results Matter

Results Matter Assessment Choices

Results Matter Assessment Selection Process

Criteria and Indicators for approval of Results Matter of Assessment Tools (PDF)
2019 Selection Criteria for Results Matter Assessment Tools (PDF)

Technology, when used appropriately, can be a powerful tool in early childhood education. What’s particularly beneficial for educators and families that participate in Results Matter is that they have access to online systems that provide real-time reporting and digital portfolios.

Children's assessment results are recorded using secure online systems that allow immediate access to a variety of progress reports including reports about Colorado standards. Access-controlled reports are available in real time at the child, classroom, site, program, and state level. Documentation can be uploaded to create a rich digital portfolio of children’s learning and development. While not required, educators have the added option of capturing this evidence of growth through pictures and videos which can be particularly transformative material for engaging families in the assessment process.

Technical Assistance

Results Matter Assessment Adjustment Request of Checkpoint Due Date

User Account Transfer Request For Results Matter Online Assessment Systems

Account Transfer Request Form [PDF]