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Cherry Creek School District
St. Vrain Valley School District

Cherry Creek School District and the St. Vrain Valley School District have built state-of-the-art innovation centers that provide work-based learning experiences for students as they prepare for life after high school


Both Cherry Creek and St. Vrain Valley school districts have recently built state-of-the-art innovation centers that are stand-alone college and career preparedness facilities where students from the districts’ high schools come for classes rooted in real-world skills and trade certifications ranging from the computer sciences to aviation to health sciences. Students are able to get real-work experience and credentials in fields they could pursue after high school - providing them with meaningful knowledge, skills and experience needed for postsecondary success that transcends the traditional classroom.

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  • Postsecondary Learning
  • Industry Certificates
  • Hands-on Work Experience



Mark Morgan, principal of the Cherry Creek Innovation Campus, gives insight into how the innovation started and its mission.


Patty Quinones, assistant superintendent of innovation at St. Vrain Valley School District, explains how the district's innovation center helps students with postsecondary careers.

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