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Middle and High School Transition, Part 01: Targeting Skills for Adult Independence (4-Part Series) (Tri-State Webinar)

Audience: Educators, Other District/School Staff | Topic: Autism, Special Education | Hosted by: Office of Special Education

On-Demand format. Middle and High School Transition, Part 01: Targeting Skills for Adult Independence (4-Part Series) (Tri-State Webinar)
On-Demand format

Presenters:  Peter Gerhardt, Ed.D.
Original aired February 1, 2017


Learner Objectives

Participants will be able to describe the 5 necessary beliefs/rules about transition, these include:

  • Rule #1: Everyone is capable of living and working in the community with the proper supports.
  • Rule #2: Nobody has to earn the right to be in the community.
  • Rule #3: But there are barriers associated with certain social norms to overcome if Rule #1 & Rule #2 can be implemented in full. These are:
    • High rates of severe challenging behavior can limit community participation.
    • Poor hygiene and age inappropriate clothing restricts social inclusion.
    • Poor eating skills restricts inclusion on many levels.
    • Inappropriate sexual behavior tends to fall under community zero tolerance policies
    • Not being bowel or urine trained presents an overall challenge.
  • Rule #4: None of what we are about to discuss can be described as being easy.  In fact, if it were easy you wouldn’t be here today because it would all already be done.
  • Rule #5: Under IDEA, Special Education is as much about “procedural process” as it is about student outcomes. This has required us to rely more on soft expectations to guide us (i.e., achieve highest potential) rather than measurable outcomes.  But what if we used measurable outcomes and then worked backward from there?

Study Questions

  1. What are the 5 rules or beliefs about transition and how do they support the team in developing an effective transition plan?
  2. What are the four purposes of having measurable outcomes?


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