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Career Development Incentive Program

Colorado Career Development and Industry Credentials Communications Toolkit

Resources are available to support school and district leaders as they increase student and family access to, awareness of, and engagement in high-demand and low-supply industry credentials and opportunities that students have to prepare for earning them while in high school.

Learn more about the Career Development & Industry Credentials Communications Toolkit


The PWR of the Communications Toolkit webinar was held on May 5, 2022. View the recording here!


  • Description: The new Career Development and Industry Credentials Communications Toolkit, part of the Career Development Incentive Program (CDIP), contains a plethora of information on engaging students and families in career development and industry credentials, Colorado's Top 10 Industry Credentials, and integrating industry credentials in your district. Join members of the Office of Postsecondary & Workforce Readiness and partners to learn how this new toolkit can be utilized to benefit students in your district!


The Career Development Incentive Program, or Career Development Success Program Expansion in House Bill 18-1266, provides financial incentives for school districts and charter schools that encourage high school students, grades 9-12, to complete:

Tier 1: qualified industry credential programs; 
Tier 2: internships, residencies, construction pre-apprenticeship or construction apprenticeship programs; or
Tier 3: qualified Advanced Placement (AP) courses.


Participating districts or charter schools could receive up to $1,000 for each completed credential, distributed in tiered order. 

What's New?

Application Process 2021-2022 NOW OPEN

Submission Timeline 

On an annual basis, data may be submitted by Accountability contacts to CDE (via Syncplicity) using the provided data template. 

Prior to submission, a district designated contact should notify CDE of their intent to submit by completing the  intent to participate form.  The intent to participate form is required to be submitted to ensure all submitted data files have successfully  transferred, appropriate district staff are aware of the submission and to ensure CDE has appropriate district  level contacts identified should questions arise.  Once the message is sent, the district may submit their data file via Syncplicity.  Please refer to the CDIP Guidelines Document for more information on how to submit.  

Key Dates and Items

In an effort to decrease overall data submission burden and to align industry credential submissions, CDE will continue with the combined submission of the optional industry credential submission that is used for matriculation rate determinations for accountability purposes and the CDIP submission.

Please contact Marina Kokotovic at with questions related to the ITP form, and Amanda Callinan at for questions regarding the Accountability folder.


Number of Requests
Amount Funded
Dollar Amount

2020-21 Program Participation

  • 49 school districts and six charter schools reported students who completed qualified industry credential programs. A total of 63% of these local education providers were categorized as rural or small rural.

  • A total of 6,709 qualifying credentials/courses were reported. Only 4,685 were funded due to available appropriations.

  • As required by state law, Colorado Revised Statute 22-54-138, participating districts or charter schools cannot receive a distribution of more than 10%  of the total number of completed industry certificates reported by districts and charter schools. Therefore, three district received funding for only 483 certificates, rather than the amount reported, thus reducing the number of credentials funded.

2021 Reported Credential Breakdown and Demographics

Credential Breakdown:

Qualified Programs # Reported by Districts # Funded $ Amount Funded
Industry-Recognized Certificates 4831 4685 $4,483,081.34
Internships 700 0 $0
Residency Programs 0 0 $0
Construction Industry Pre-Apprenticeships 172 0 $0
Construction Industry Apprenticeships * 0 $0
Advanced Placement Computer Science Courses 1005 0 $0
Total 6709 4685 $4,483,081.34

Reported Demographics:

  American Indian/ Alaska Native  Asian  Black or African American Hispanic or Latino  White  Native Hawaiian/ Pacific Islander Two or More Races
Industry Certificates 133 182 82 840 2965 412 217
Internships 21 22 * 175 406 43 21
Pre-Apprenticeships * * * 44 113 0 10
Apprenticeships 0 0 0 0 * 0 0
AP Computer Science Courses * 196 18 85 653 * 49

*Personally-identifiable numbers were removed to protect student privacy

Request Industry Certification Inclusion

Please complete the form below if there is a program or industry certification that is not on the official Approved Programs List in the Talent Pipeline Report and there is sufficient evidence to demonstrate industry demand and credibility for the requested program/certification.

Internship Criteria

Internship Criteria PDF (with active links)

Career Development Incentive Program Guidelines and Resources 


Other Resources


Marina Kokotovic - General
Janae Hunderman - Questions about certifications and list of approved programs