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For Students and Parents/Guardians

Student Eligibility

What are the state eligibility requirements that I must meet to participate in ASCENT?

View all eligibility requirements.


Apply to participate in ASCENT

How do I apply to participate in ASCENT?

You should check with your high school counselor:

  • To see if your district/charter school participates in the ASCENT program, and if so:
    • What is the application process
    • What are the deadlines
    • What colleges your district/charter school partners with

How will my district/charter school determine if I am eligible to receive an ASCENT slot?

Each district/charter school:

  • Decides if they will participate in the ASCENT program - not all do
  • See "District/Charter School Policies and Procedures" section below for more information
  • Reviews your coursework, ICAP, and prerequisites to make sure you have met eligibility requirements

Paying for College Courses

How do I pay for the tuition charges of the college courses that I take?

  • There is no tuition cost for ASCENT courses, though you may have to pay for books, supplies or fees (check with your school). The tuition bill is paid by your school district
  • You are required to authorized the use of your College Opportunity Fund (COF) to help pay for your college course costs at a college/university that receives COF funding. Please note that college-level credits earned through ASCENT will be deducted from the student's COF lifetime credits account maximum.

What other costs could I be required to pay?

  • You may be responsible for paying any fees assessed per college course and for purchasing any books and supplies required for the college course(s) in which you enroll. Fees may include things like: course fees, lab fees, parking fees, etc. Some schools cover these costs and some schools do not. Check with your school to find out who is responsible for these types of costs. Also, some ASCENT courses use free books and resources called Open Education Resources (OER). Check with your instructor before purchasing or renting books.

District/Charter School Policies and Procedures

Districts/charter schools that participate in the ASCENT program:

  • Can establish their own policies and procedures (i.e. application and submission deadlines, specific G.P.A.) for students to follow to be considered for the ASCENT program. The Colorado Department of Education (CDE) does not determine which students can participate in the ASCENT program.
  • Will notify you of official acceptance to the program
  • Will continue to assist you to:
    • research career and/or military opportunities
    • apply to any colleges or postsecondary programs that you are interested in
    • apply for scholarships and complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), in the event that you are not selected to participate in ASCENT
  • Will request that you and your parent/guardian give written permission to exchange your academic records and student information that is pertinent to your participation in the ASCENT program with the college/university
  • Will not release your high school diploma or official transcript until you have completed the ASCENT program. Districts/charter schools may allow you to participate in your class graduation activities

Other Important ASCENT Program Information

  • College Student Financial Aid. As an ASCENT student, you are NOT eligible for federal or state student financial aid (Pell Grant, student loans, etc.) as you are still considered a high school student. ASCENT students may be eligible for scholarships that are not designated specifically for college students. You can authorize the use of your College Opportunity Fund (COF) to help pay for your college course costs at colleges/universities that receive COF funding. Please note that college-level credits earned through ASCENT will be deducted from your COF lifetime credits Account maximum.
  • College Course Grades are posted to both your official high school and college transcripts. Please note that failed or incomplete college course grades or course withdrawals may negatively affect your ability to be accepted to or receive financial aid from a college in the future.
  • College Course Prerequisites and Expectations. You are required to meet all of the course expectations and prerequisites as noted in the college/university course catalog and/or syllabus.
  • Home-School Students must be enrolled in a school district or charter school in the state of Colorado that participates in the ASCENT program, and are only eligible for part-time funding.
  • Students with Disabilities have the right to access any program offered by the school district as long as they meet all of the same eligibility requirements and prerequisites for enrollment. Students with disabilities are held to the same financial obligations, academic performance expectations, and consequences for both success and failure as all other students. Please refer to the Concurrent Enrollment (ASCENT) for Student with Disabilities (PDF) document for more information regarding the Individualized Education Program (IED) and other college/university course enrollment related information.