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Apply for the Career Development Incentive Program

Submission Timeline

New Submission Timeline will open in March 2023 for the 2022-2023 year.

On an annual basis, data may be submitted by Accountability contacts to CDE (via Syncplicity) using the provided data template. 

Prior to submission, a district designated contact should notify CDE of their intent to submit by completing the  intent to participate form.  The intent to participate form is required to be submitted to ensure all submitted data files have successfully  transferred, appropriate district staff are aware of the submission and to ensure CDE has appropriate district  level contacts identified should questions arise.  Once the message is sent, the district may submit their data file via Syncplicity.  Please refer to the CDIP Guidelines Document for more information on how to submit.  

Key Dates and Items for 2021-22 (CLOSED)

In an effort to decrease overall data submission burden and to align industry credential submissions, CDE will continue with the combined submission of the optional industry credential submission that is used for matriculation rate determinations for accountability purposes and the CDIP submission.

Please contact Marina Kokotovic at with questions related to the ITP form, and Amanda Callinan at for questions regarding the Accountability folder.