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Auto-Enrollment Grant Use of Funds

The Automatic Enrollment in Advanced Courses Grant permits a wide use of funds to support student success in accelerated courses. While the statutory language may be referred to on page 4 of the RFA, the below items and activities are real examples of approved use of funds from previous applications. This is not an exhaustive list of allowable uses of funds but is intended to help interested applicants generate ideas for how this grant may benefit their students.

Add/Develop Courses

  • AP courses
  • CTE-focused IB courses
  • Create Jr. High Honors courses
  • Pay steering committee to develop acceleration policies

Teacher Pay

  • Hold study sessions
  • Teach new sections
  • Training/professional development
  • Create differentiated curriculum (as opposed to adding sections)

Student Costs

  • AP/IB exam fees
  • Course materials/equipment
  • Tuition
  • Course-related field trips



  • Laptops for students to check out


  • AVID as a tool to prep students for advanced courses
  • Beast Academy
  • Byrdseed


  • Branding to raise awareness of advanced courses
  • Family dinner night


Alena Barczak, HSE Coordinator and Program Assistant

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