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WSCC - Data Collection

Colorado Department of Education (CDE) Health and Wellness Unit supports ongoing data collection efforts to measure trends in student health behavior and school-level health policies in partnership with the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment and other agencies. Two key data collection systems include Healthy Kids Colorado and SMART Source. 

 Healthy Kids Colorado Survey is the local name for Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Youth Risk Behavior Survey, which is administered every other year with a sample of Colorado school to determine prevalence of health-risk behavior, protective factors, and trends. 

Healthy Kids Colorado Survey:

2019 Healthy Kids Colorado Survey

Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment Data Released (CDPHE)

  • Health Kids Colorado Data - The purpose of the Healthy Kids Colorado Survey is to better understand youth health and what factors support youth to make healthy choices. CDPHE has published Healthy Kids Colorado Data for the state and health statistical regions. This data can be used to identify behavioral need as well as risk and protective factors in your school and community. These data can be a key indicator and driver to guiding your health and wellness programs  
  • SMART Source Data - Colorado Healthy Schools Smart Source (Smart Source) is an inventory of best practices in school health, completed once per school by school staff. Schools and districts use Smart Source to help inform programs and policies to improve student health.


Colorado Healthy Schools Smart Source is an effort led by the Colorado Education Initiative (CEI), in partnership with the Colorado Department of Education and the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment health-related policies and practices being implemented in Colorado schools. Colorado Healthy Schools Smart Source aims to reduce the burden on schools that are asked to participate in multiple data collection efforts related to health and wellness by better streamlining the data collection process and making the data available in a central location. State-level 2017-18 Smart Source data are now publicly available! Representing 677 schools (37% of schools in Colorado) and spliced in various ways, these data can help to inform important health and wellness initiatives in the state and in your community.

2017-18 Statewide Data

Data Snapshots

Data Tables

Download the following Excel spreadsheets to view 2017-18 Smart Source data.

Previous Years Data Reports

2015-16 Statewide Data

451 Colorado schools (25%) volunteered to participate in the 2015-16 Smart Source tool and for the first time in Colorado, there is information that tells us what schools are doing to comprehensively impact students’ health.

Data Tables

Download the following Excel spreadsheets to view 2015-16 Smart Source data.

*The district-size aggregate represents data combined within various district sizes, not individual district results.

Data Snapshots


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