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Frequently Asked Questions by Families

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CDE Information

How do I find and apply for jobs at CDE?

To view all current openings for at-will and classified position postings, visit the Job Openings and Employment Application webpage

Contact the Human Resources Office with questions.The State of Colorado is an equal opportunity employer and encourages all qualified minorities and persons with disabilities to apply.


How do I submit a Colorado Open Records Act request?

Colorado Open Records Act (CORA) requests are handled by the Communications Division. To submit a request, first review CDE's CORA policy (PDF), then email the Communications Division with your request.


How do I complain about a school?

CDE does not formally collect complaints about schools or districts. To file a complaint, reach out to your school principal, then, if necessary, the district superintendent, then your local school board.

For students with an Individualized Education Program, contact the Exceptional Student Services Unit's Dispute Resolution team at 303-866-6694.

Student Loans

How can I pay my student loan?

Contact the U.S. Department of Education at 800-433-3243 or the Education Credit Management Corp. at 866-264-8566.

School and District Information

How do I find information about my district?

Visit for school and district dashboards, financial transparency information, annual accountability reports and more.

How do I submit a data request?

View student, school and district data information collected at the state level on the Colorado Education Statistics section of the CDE website. If you would like additional information or more detail, follow the instructions on the CDE Data Request webpage.

How do I know what school district I am in?

Download and view PDF maps to locate your school district based on the Colorado county in which you reside.

How do I apply to start a charter school?

Any group of parents, teachers and/or community members may develop a charter application. A minimum size is not defined in the charter school law. The school must be nonsectarian and non-home-based. Applications may not be submitted to convert an existing private school or non-public home-based educational program into a charter school.

For more information, visit the Colorado Charter Schools Introduction webpage.

How do I find and apply for jobs in Colorado school districts?

CDE does not accept applications for any positions within the school districts we serve in Colorado. In you are interested in employment with one of our many school districts, apply by contacting the specific school district directly. Various job boards are also available for teaching staff such as the Jobs for Teachers website.

School Funding

Who do I talk to about school funding?

Contact the School Finance Division at 303-866-6141.

Gifted Education

How do I evaluate if a student is gifted and talented?

Visit CDE's Office of Gifted Education to find resources to help identify and support students who have exceptional academic potential and abilities.

Special Education

How do I have a child evaluated for a disability?

If the student is over the age of five, contact the school district in which they reside.

If the student is under the age of five, contact a Child Find specialist at CDE.

How do I evaluate a student for dyslexia?

CDE has compiled resources to support students with reading difficulties including dyslexia, including a Screening for Dyslexia Flowchart (PDF). This and more are available on the Colorado Dyslexia homepage.

School Quality

Who do I talk to about school construction?

Contact the Capital Construction Unit at 303-866-2153.

How do I assess the quality of schools?

CDE does not assess the value of one school over another. For performance results, visit the Performance Framework Reports and Improvement Plans in SchoolView.

Student Enrollment

How do I enroll my student in an online school or program?

Most online schools will have their own specific steps for enrollment. Online schools typically require the same documents as a brick and mortar school such as a birth certificate, proof of residency, immunization records, and prior school records if applicable. 

Student Records

How do I contact a closed private school?

If you have not already, you may try contacting the two offices listed below. Both handle licensing and regulatory information for small businesses. Private (non-public) schools are required to obtain a small business license from the Secretary of State, Licensing and Enforcement Division, in order to open so they may have the contact for the school on file.

Secretary of State, Licensing and Enforcement Division
303-894-2200 x2

Colorado Office of Economic Development and International Trade
1625 Broadway, Suite 2700, Denver, CO 80202

How do I find records for a private school?

Neither CDE nor the districts receive or retain private school records. Please contact the school itself.

If the school is closed, contact the parent organization that operated the school to see if they retained that school’s records. See: "How do I contact a closed private school?"

How do I obtain transcripts from a closed college or university?
How do I obtain a copy of my GED?

Go to or call 855-876-3774.

How do I obtain a copy of my diploma?

Districts to not keep copies of student diplomas, but districts are required to retain student transcripts in perpetuity. You will need to contact the school district in which your student attended school.

Educator Licensing

How do I look up an educator's credential/license information?

If you are a member of the public, you can see if an educator has an active credential, a past credential or if a credential was denied, suspended, revoked or annulled by using the Public Educator Lookup.