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High-Impact Tutoring Program

Colorado ESSER Report: Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief Fund

DPS uses high-impact tutoring grant to spur improvement

A $2 million ESSER grant is funding high-impact tutoring in Denver Public Schools that is resulting in higher-than-expected growth on students’ statewide assessments.

“We weren't looking for just scores. We were also looking at their confidence level, their engagement level, you know. And right now, all the data is pretty promising.” Susan Cheng, a program manager on the Expanded Academic Learning team at DPS

High Impact Tutoring Grant improves student performance at Fort Collins charter school

A grant that has allowed AXIS International Academy in Fort Collins to hire college students as tutors has helped 91% percent of students in the program improve their math skills in just one year, according to school officials.

Kwiyagat Community Academy gets tutoring help thanks to ESSER grant

Kwiyagat Community Academy, the first Colorado charter school on an American Indian reservation, is using $55,000 from the state’s High-Impact Tutoring Grant to help students in populations most affected by the pandemic recover from devastating learning loss.