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Training Supports and Materials

CDE has created a suite of materials to ensure schools and districts have access to the latest information and resources to support staff trainings and implementation of their evaluation systems. Each includes pertinent talking points that may be used to customize your presentation and any companion resources necessary to complete the training.

2021-22 School Year Orientation Training


The 2021-22 Orientation PowerPoint provides schools, districts, and BOCES with information to share with staff regarding Educator Effectiveness and educator evaluations.  The orientation slide deck serves as a shell and starting point to present relevant information and local protocols and processes for completing educator evaluations in the 2021-22 school year.  It is not meant to be used "as-is".  Information specific to the local district/BOCES needs to be added.

MSLs and MSOs for the 2021-22 School Year: Thinking Through District and School Measures


This recorded webinar is designed to be used with those involved in decision-making in your district to determine the measures of student learning and student outcomes (MSLs/MSOs) within the district licensed educator evaluation system.  This may include and not be limited to district leaders, HR and EE staff, evaluators, and members of your Advisory Personnel Performance Evaluation Council (also known as 1338 Committee).  It is designed to be paused and lead to a discussion with your colleagues to ensure a thoughtful determination of your district measures for the 2021-22 school year.

State Model Evaluation System Best Practices Timeline

As you begin to prepare to implement the new educator evaluation requirements, CDE has created an example timeline and process to follow as a support tool. Use this document as an optional guide to begin thinking about your district's process and potential timeline to implement the new evaluation requirements.